Terms and Condition



All new volunteers who sign up with us will need to attend a half-day orientation to familiarise themselves with National Parks Board (NParks)’s volunteer programme.

Each term of service is a year and volunteers are required to volunteer for at least four sessions within the year of service.



Volunteers should carry themselves in a responsible, visitor-centred and professional manner at all times.  They should also keep in mind the following highlighted code of conduct*:

  • Be punctual for their duties at all times.
  • Work in harmony with staff and fellow volunteers.  The volunteer programme can only succeed with cooperative team effort.  Volunteers must respect and accommodate the views of others.
  • Lead by example by observing the rules and regulations.
  • Volunteers are not to represent NParks to the media or elsewhere, based on their volunteer status unless approval has been given.

NParks reserves the right to terminate the service of any volunteer who fails to meet the basic standards of professionalism or who do not comply with the volunteer’s code of conduct.



Depending on the area of service, we will provide training in the form of on-the-job sessions, classroom sessions and field trips.

Declaration and Indemnity

Volunteers are to be fully aware of the dangers and risks that might occur in the voluntary services and activities and will not in any way hold the Government or the management of NParks responsible for any liability, loss, damage, expense and cost, which the volunteers may sustain, incur or receive as a result of such services and activities.

We deeply appreciate the value of the work contributed by our volunteers.  It is our sincere wish that your participation with NParks will have a meaningful and lasting effect not only on the project with which you will work, but also on your own self-development and the choices you will make in your future.

*A more detailed code of conduct will be shared with volunteers during the orientation session organised for them. 

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