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There is nothing like a great barbeque session for catching up with friends and family in a casual and relaxed manner. To add on to that, nothing beats a wonderful barbeque session in the park where the lovely surroundings perfectly complement the food and company.

Barbeque sessions are social events that provide the opportunity to get outdoors and mingle with guests without worrying about making a mess of your kitchen, or the pots and pans waiting for a good wash after the meal. Also, the distinctive flavor of smoked food is one that is unanimously enjoyed by just about everyone!

Whether you are a barbeque novice or expert, you will be sure to have a ball of a time barbequing your evening away at our lovely parks. Barbeque pits are located near to the beach at East Coast Park, Changi Beach Park, Pasir Ris Park, Sembawang Park and West Coast Park and Labrador Nature Reserve (Promenade). The great combination of barbeque and sea view is simply irresistable.

Barbeque is no daunting task even if you are inept at whipping up a good dish at home. Simply purchase your favorite ingredients from nearby amenities in the park, or make an online order. Get some sauces, herbs, and dressings and experiment with the seasoning of your food. After all, barbequing is highly versatile. Enjoy the glorious sunshine and cool sea breeze as you busy yourselves with the preparation of all those ingredients.

You can cook just about everything on the grill, from seafood to poultry meat, bread to vegetables. Marinate some chicken wings with barbeque sauce, bake potatoes with cheese and bacon bits, and let the stingray simmer in aluminum foil with a generous amount of spicy sambal sauce. Be a creative chef for the day and wow your families and friends with your culinary skills in the outdoors. Even little children can join in the fun, merrily roasting marshmallows on their barbeque sticks.

When evening comes, be swept away by the gorgeous beauty of the sun setting down into the far horizon. Listen to the joyful sizzle of the food atop the grill, promising exciting tastes that will thrill your tastebuds. Sink your teeth into those tantalizing assortment of barbequed food and savour the fruits of your labour. Reconnect with friends and families and reminisce about the good old days. Have fun watching the kids play on the beach in between appreciating the mouthwatering treats.

A barbeque dinner offers more than just good food. Go on and book your barbeque pit online here to discover the simple joys and great fun it entails!


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