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You do not have to lug half of your belongings to travel overseas just to catch a breather. A fun and affordable getaway is available right here along the pristine beaches by our parks. Gather a few friends or family members and spend a day or two at the park. Get close to nature and soak in that warm, relaxing atmosphere.

Have fun setting up a tent for the night's stay. Upon the successful set-up, you can choose from a wide variety of activities to do for the day. Rent a bicycle or a pair of inline skates for an idyllic exploration around the park. Dig out your camera and snap some shots for memories' sake. Let out your creative juices and mould sandcastles on the beach. Fly a kite high up into the sky or simply laze around on a mat, reading your favorite novel, while nibbling on snacks. In the evening, treat your growling stomachs to a delectable meal in one of the many Food & Beverage outlets around the vicinity. Or you may even want to host a barbeque session at the pit and be the chef of the night! Take pleasure in the purchasing of ingredients, the marinating of meat, the skewering of seafood and finally, the satisfying tastes of your own-cooked food.

When night comes, the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks will lull you to a pleasant sleep. As the saying goes, 'the early bird gets the worms'. Rise and shine to the one of the most amazing and truly beautiful sights of nature - sunrise. Lose yourself in the glorious beauty of the radiant sun rising above the horizon against the glistening waters reflecting its bright neon glows.

A getaway need not be luxurious for a thorough enjoyment, for a simple camping trip in our parks can be just as fun and lovely. To indulge in such simple pleasures of camping, simply apply for a camping permit from any AXS stations or apply online here. Camping permits will be required on weekdays and weekends, including public and school holidays.

You can enjoy a camping trip in the following parks:

East Coast Park - Area D and Area G
Pasir Ris Park - Area 1 and Area 3
West Coast Park, Area 3

Apart from the three parks mentioned above, camping is also allowed at Jelutong, Noordin and Mamam Beaches at Pulau Ubin where camping permits are not required. However, for safety reasons, campers are advised to inform the officers at Pulau Ubin Police Post on the day they are camping.


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Young adults
Teenagers, between 13 and 18

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Large group - >5
Small group - 1 to 5





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