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IMPORTANT: For your safety, please do not enter the nature reserve and forested areas during stormy weather as such inclement weather may cause trees and branches to fall. Do note that when planning to go outdoors, dial-a-weather at 65427788 for weather forecast. Thank you.

Formerly a cowshed, the building that is now the Wallace Education Centre was restored and now houses the Wallace Environmental Learning Lab (WELL), and an interpretative centre where visitors can learn about the changing landscapes of Dairy Farm and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve through various exhibits.

Established by NParks and Raffles Girls' Secondary School, WELL is a holistic programme where primary and secondary school students will be able to discover Singapore's natural heritage through interesting hands-on activities.

With materials developed by Raffles Girls' Secondary School, teachers will be able to self-conduct various educational programmes from half day workshops to overnight learning camps. This is the first time that such programmes are offered in parks. WELL will enable students to explore the trails of Dairy Farm, and conduct research such as water, soil, rock, and insect studies, and carry out data analysis at the Lab.

The Wallace Education Centre, WELL, and the Wallace Trail have all been named after Alfred Wallace, to honour his contributions to natural science. A contemporary of Charles Darwin, Wallace is the other "father" behind the theory of evolution. Wallace had stopped over in Singapore in 1854 during his journeys to the Malay Archipelago, and collected many species of beetles in the vicinity of the Dairy Farm site.

At the south-western end of the park lies the Singapore Quarry, which now offers visitors a tranquil setting with a scenic view. In a short time, the transformation of the site into a wetland has attracted many fauna, including the Little Grebe, a critically endangered bird that was known to be found only in Lorong Halus, as well as many species of dragonflies, many of which are rare.



The Wallace Learning Centre is open to school group bookings.

Flora & Fauna

Flora - Secondary vegetation with predominantly fruit trees such as durian, rambutan, jackfruit and mango trees. Exotic and ornamental plant species, such as Heliconias, Dumbcane and colourful climbers.

Fauna - Butterflies, dragonflies, birds and a variety of insects and mammals such as colugos and monkeys. With the location next to Bukit Timah nature reserve, it is possible to find animals such as monkeys, flying lemurs, pangolins and bats in the night.


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  1. Due To Soil Erosion, This Section of Wallace Trail is Temporary Closed Till Further Notice

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100 Dairy Farm Road

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Take bus service SMRT 700, 700A or 966 and alight at bus stop along Petir Road between Chestnut Ave and Dairy Farm Road.


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