Resident Gardeners

The Resident Gardeners programme provides an opportunity for gardening enthusiasts to be employed by NParks contractors to maintain their neighbourhood parks, gardens and other green spaces. It allows residents to contribute to their community and earn an income doing what they love. The programme will be piloted at Ang Mo Kio, Punggol and Yishun, and progressively rolled out to other areas managed by NParks.


Residents in the pilot areas who are physically fit for landscaping and gardening works and willing to work outdoors  are welcome to register their interest with NParks. Qualified applicants will undergo interviews with the landscape contractors. Shortlisted candidates will participate in a short term Career Trial with the contractors where on-job-training is provided to assess job fit. During the trial, residents will be given a training allowance from $7.50 an hour. Successful candidates will be employed with the landscape contractors and be paid at least $750 per month for part-time positions. The Resident Gardeners will also undergo further training which includes Landscape Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) courses, to equip them with skills required for the job.  


For more information on the Career Trial, please visit the WSG website HERE.

For more information on the WSQ courses, please visit the CUGE website HERE.


To register your interest for the Resident Gardeners programme, please complete the form HERE.