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Gardeners' Day Out (GDO)

Missing our signature event, Gardeners' Day Out?

You can now participate from the comfort of your own home, with online activities such as talks and demonstrations by experts, video tutorials of kids’ activities involving handicrafts, and promotions from gardening-related vendors. Videos will be released at 10 am.

On site, there are workshops and free guided tours in HortPark (with safe management measures). Check this page for monthly updates of our programme and schedule.

January 2022 Gardeners’ Day Out


Online Videos

The Garden Invasion Series: Min's Garden (via NParksSG YouTube)

Tune in to our Garden Invasion Series as we feature gardeners in Singapore who share a passion for plants!


In this episode, we embark on an adventure to Min’s Garden –- a mini rainforest that is home to over 500 types of plants. Find out how Irene (Min) transformed her garden into the “tree-rific” landscape it is today, as she introduces the different types of plants and shares about propagation and garden maintenance. 



Ten Fragrant Plants for Your Garden via NParksSG YouTube)

Fragrant flowers can help delight and lift moods, while familiar scents can evoke memories and emotions. The natural scents of plants are also widely used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation and well-being.


In this video, learn more about plants that produce flowers with alluring fragrances. Add a personal touch to your garden by incorporating plants that spark your favourite memories!




Designer's Tips – Plant Styling with Houseplants (by Mr Leo Tay, The 3 Keys)


GDO15Jan22 Plant Styling with Houseplants

Hoping to freshen up your home for the new year? Plants are great for injecting colour and life to any space. A dash of greenery can really add to the aesthetics!

Join us to learn how to select the perfect plants for your living space and display them in style. Take home some simple design tips to turn your room into a green sanctuary in no time.


Designer’s Tips – Plant Styling with Houseplants


Leo Tay


15 Jan 2022


1.30 pm – 2.30 pm


MPH @ HortPark


Please note that this talk is for vaccinated, pre-registered participants only; no walk-ins are allowed. This talk will be held on-site with safe management measures for a limited number of participants. Successful registrants will be notified via a confirmation email.


Registration has closed.





There are no workshops for the month of January.



Guided Tours


Sign up for our guided tours by clicking on the links below. Each guided tour is limited to 20 pax only, while slots last.





15 Jan 2022

Bees and Butterflies Tour

9 am

Edibles Discovery Tour

9 am


Registration has closed.


Plant Highlight

Green Pepper Basil (Ocimum selloi) (exclusive from Pasir Panjang Nursery)



When the leaf of this Green Pepper Basil (Ocimum selloi) is crushed, it smells like a mild mixture of green pepper and basil. It is one of the basil species that has a higher resistance towards pests and diseases. Grab one today and experience its complex taste for yourself!


Now available at Rake Spade @ HortPark for a limited time only and while stocks last!


Gardening Promotions Directory

Here are promotions offered by some merchants and hobbyists. Check out January and February's gardening directory here to get your gardening-related materials!


Past Editions of Gardeners' Day Out

Check out our previous editions of Gardeners' Day Out in 2021 by clicking on the links below!



Last updated on 14 January 2022

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