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Bachelor of Horticulture (Hons)

 Ang Xing Qi
Ang Xing Qi
Senior Manager, Parks

Bachelor of Horticulture (Hons Class I), The University of Melbourne, 2011

For those who are searching for an answer to what you wish to pursue in life, it is crucial to understand where your strength and passion lie. Personally, I am truly in love with greenery and the natural environment and at the same time, it is my passion to serve the community and interact with people. Now, if you share the same sentiments as me, I would say a career with National Parks Board (NParks) will be the most appropriate one to embark on. NParks’ mission in making Singapore a City in a Garden has truly inspired me and that is what urged me to be part of this team! Furthermore, the work now involves more than just putting in place all the hardware but also, the establishment of the “heartware”, where we engage the ommunity in embracing greenery. Hence, I firmly believe that this is the perfect work for me! 

Holding on strongly to my aspiration, I was awarded the NParks Scholarship to the University of Melbourne to pursue a 4-year degree in Horticulture (Honours). This course of study will put me in a good position to raise the horticultural standards to a new high and achieve horticultural excellence in Singapore. I strongly believe that for any field that you choose, the most important thing is that you know this is what you want and that you strive to be the best in it. It is about creating a niche for yourself!

During the 2006 Singapore Garden Festival, I played a part as a member of the Landscape team. I was truly amazed by the numerous sleepless nights and the many sacrifices made by the organizers to ensure that the event was a success. The excellent display put up has clearly showed the organization’s passion to spread the idea of the love for greenery in this “concretized” city. Indeed, this was achieved and I was truly motivated by the organisers’ drive. 

My one week attachment with NParks, as part of the scholar’s orientation programme, has given me a clearer insight with regard to the organisation’s daily perations, which has allowed me to understand my future career better. I am eager to take on the many challenges that I will face, like dealing with the demands from the public, visualizing future parks management and development. I have met up with many friendly and energetic NParks staff who share the same belief as me and this is the perfect working environment that I will enjoy working in. 

I am glad to have accepted the NParks Scholarship which allows me to devote my life to a career where I can blend greenery into the bustling city landscape and serve the community, helping them to create the best environment to live, work and play in! I am all excited to start a journey where my passion can grow and dreams can be realized!

Last updated on 28 April 2017

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