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  • A variety of vegetables which may be used in the traditional Malay salad ulam. Photo credit: M. Sugumaran

    Come visit this exhibition and learn about some uncommon vegetables that you may or may not have heard about. Many of these can be found in Singapore’s wet markets and supermarkets, and are also planted on the grounds of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.
    17 Dec 2022 - 18 Jun 2023 09:00AM - 18:00PM
    Singapore Botanic Gardens, Centre for Ethnobotany House 1G
  • Tropical Forest Sceneries

    Tropical Forest Sceneries: Singapore & Beyond provides visitors with a visual and immersive experience through the changing forest sceneries in Singapore and its vicinity. The vast range of artefacts, from paintings and photographs to carpological displays, will take you back in time to scenes of verdant abundance and grandeur, of deforestation and devastation, and finally, of reforestation and restoration.
    15 Mar 2023 - 17 Sep 2023 09:00AM - 18:00PM
    Singapore Botanic Gardens, Gallop Extension
  • Art Display

    In conjunction with Earth Day 2023, Wildlife Encounters: An Artistic Dialogue invites visitors to experience the breathtaking beauty and wonder of Singapore's native wildlife. Together, the works of Jerome Pang and Thong Chow Ngian create a compelling dialogue that showcases the breadth and diversity of Singapore’s native wildlife. Visitors are invited to explore the nuances of each artists’ style, and to appreciate the unique beauty of the natural kingdom from two artistic perspectives.
    22 Apr 2023 - 30 Jun 2023 08:30AM - 17:00PM
    Dairy Farm Nature Park, Wallace Education Centre
  • Photo of artists

    The exhibition showcases the different landscape greenery in Singapore, from perfectly manicured parks to dense forests. A must-see for anyone who loves art and nature.
    17 May 2023 - 14 Jun 2023 06:00AM - 23:00PM
    HortPark, Exhibition Gallery
  • The main entrance of the National Orchid Garden in 2018

    Enjoy free admission* to the National Orchid Garden from 20 May to 25 June for students, Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, Work Permit Holders.
    20 May 2023 - 25 Jun 2023 08:30AM - 18:00PM
    Singapore Botanic Gardens, Ticketing Counter at National Orchid Garden
  • Fabulous Birds of Singapore 7 Jun

    Discover the amazing diversity of birds found in Singapore such as sunbirds, doves, raptors, kingfishers and herons as well as our visiting migratory birds! This workshop includes a guided walk through the gardens to observe birds in their natural habitat and to study fascinating specimens of different nests and feathers. Join us to learn about the important ecological roles of birds in the environment and the importance of conserving our native biodiversity.
    07 Jun 2023 09:00AM - 13:00PM
    Singapore Botanic Gardens, Centre for Education & Outreach (House 1F)
    $50 per child
  • P3 Garden

    Embark on an exciting journey at the Pitter Patter Potter Garden. A unique ‘Classroom in a Garden’ specially designed for children to be in touch with nature and learn about the wonders of it.
    07 Jun 2023 09:30AM - 10:30AM
    HortPark, Visitor Services Centre
  • Chek Jawa Guided Tour

    Join us for a tour to discover and learn about Chek Jawa's six ecosystems and the diverse array of animals that inhabits these unique habitats.
    08 Jun 2023 08:00AM - 10:00AM
    Pulau Ubin, Open Lawn (Chek Jawa Visitor Centre)
    Charges: $60 / Group (for a maximum of 15 persons) Online registration available on 1 March 2023, 9am.
  • Butterfly Garden

    Come learn about various animal pollinators found in Jurong Lake Gardens, play some games and create your very own paper craft pollinator friends!
    08 Jun 2023 08:30AM - 09:30AM
    Jurong Lake Gardens, Gardenhouse
  • Gardenhouse Teaser 3-2

    Join us this June Holiday as we explore the rich biodiversity and natural habitats Jurong Lake Gardens has to offer. From workshops to outdoor trails, there is something for everyone!
    08 Jun 2023 - 22 Jun 2023 08:30AM - 10:00AM
    Jurong Lake Gardens, Gardenhouse
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Last updated on 14 November 2022

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