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10 Sea Almond

Sea Almond (Terminalia catappa)

Family: Combretaceae

Sea Almond

The Sea Almond or Ketapang is a large coastal tree which grows up to 25m tall. It can be recognised by its distinct pagoda shape, formed by its tiered branching pattern.

This tree has large leaves (15-30cm) that turn yellow, orange and then red when they are about to shed. The almond-shaped fruits turn from green to yellow as they ripen, and the edible seed kernels taste like almonds.

The leaves have an antibacterial effect, as they release tannic and humic acid. They are used in aquariums to promote the health of fishes, and provide a calming effect.

Changi Coast Road is lined on both sides with Sea Almond trees. They can also be found in East Coast Park.


Sea Almond Sea Almond
Flowers of the Sea Almond
Sea Almond
Close up of the flowers
Sea Almond
Fruits of the Sea Almond
Sea Almond
Leaf arrangement of the Sea Almond
 Sea Almond

Sea Almond
Buttress roots of the Sea Almond
Sea Almond
Crown of the Sea Almond
Sea Almond
An avenue of the Sea Almond trees

Last updated on 30 December 2014

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