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Fun & Recreation

Offering a multitude of fun recreational activities, our luxuriant parks are great places to enjoy an exciting day out.

You can enjoy an array of activities such as fishing and relax as one with nature. Alternatively, bring your kids to have fun in the sun and mould majestic sandcastles.

Take advantage of the strong sea breeze and display your kite flying skills. After a day of fun, catch up with your loved ones in a casual and relaxed setting as you become the chef of the night and serve up a sumptuous barbecued meal. You can also spend a day or two camping at the white, pristine beaches, or simply check into any one of our chalets for a short weekend getaway.

History buffs can take a journey through time and learn the colourful past of Singapore with a visit to our museums in our parks while aspiring artists can unleash their creativity through our art programmes and workshops.

With so many fun and recreational activities available, our parks promise a new and exciting experience at every visit!

Last updated on 04 November 2023

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