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In need for some relaxation? Come down to our waterfront parks and experience the joy of fishing.

Arm yourself with the necessary fishing equipment and an ample amount of patience, and head down to the fishing grounds amidst the parks.

Enjoy a fruitful fishing session in the tranquillity of Sembawang Park. The beach is not only beautiful, but it also serves as a popular fishing ground. Oozing similar charm, albeit being more crowded, Lower Seletar Reservoir Park's fishing jetty is another recommended fishing spot in the northern side of Singapore. You can also fish at designated areas of Bedok Reservoir Park (see designated fishing areas in this park).

West Coast Park offers limited fishing spots along the beach. Please note that fishing is not permitted at the jetty, marsh gardens and ponds within the park.

Pick up a trick or two about fishing from the many recreational anglers who frequent Bedok Jetty. Located in East Coast Park, the waters in the area are famed for their bountiful supply of fish. Be greeted by cheerful park visitors along the pathways and the picturesque view of the faraway islands across the horizon.

At Pasir Ris Park Park and Bedok Reservoir Park, similar breathtaking views welcome you. If you prefer a less crowded fishing spot, Changi Beach Park is for you. Need a break? Rest on a bench and just watch the world go by.

Reminisce the good ol’ days at Pasir Ris Town Park Fishing Pond. With a recently refurbished new look with improved amenities, it aims to rekindle the Kelong spirit in families and introduce the Kelong Lifestyle to the young. Be spoilt for choice with options ranging from pro-pond fishing, catch and release, Kelong fishing, skill fishing ‘'with a bamboo pole” and main pond fishing. The pond promises to provided both amateurs as well as the experienced, a positive fishing experience and enjoy good quality time with their family through fishing outing at the pond.

Please note that fishing is only permitted in designated areas at the aforementioned parks and we seek your cooperation in ensuring that fishing is carried out in a responsible manner, respecting the surrounding area and wildlife.

Fishing Etiquette

Help ensure a more enjoyable experience in our parks for everyone by:

Respecting One Another
  • Share the space with other park users. Select a fishing spot that is a distance away from boats or visitors engaged in water activities. Keep a distance from other anglers and give one another ample room for fishing.
  • Look around before casting your fishing line. Always be mindful of your surroundings, including the waterway, when casting your fishing line to prevent unwanted accidents.
  • Do not string your fishing line across the path as this causes unwanted accidents since the transparent fishing line may not be that visible to others.
  • Do not make loud noises when another person is fishing so as not to scare away the fishes.

Minimising Your Impact on the Environment

  • Take note of protected species.
  • Practise catch-and-release fishing. If you are not planning to eat the fish, help minimise the impact on the environment by gently releasing it back into the water as quickly as possible.
  • Dispose trash such as fishing lines, old hooks and bait into litter bins so as not to pollute the park and the water. Keep the park clean for everyone.
  • Adhere to all rules and regulations posted at the park.

Enjoying Fishing Safely and Responsibly

  • Find out the weather conditions and be prepared for them.
  • For your safety, do not fish in inclement weather but seek shelter instead.
  • Fish only in designated fishing areas.
  • Learn more about sustainable fishing in our waters here.  

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Last updated on 18 March 2022

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