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Sandcastle Building

Don't we all love to play with the soft sand by the picturesque beach as the gentle and cool sea breeze blows inland? Whether you are young or old, sandcastle building is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone at no cost. Allow your vivid imagination to take over control as you mould the wet sand into all sorts of mini sculptures. Experiment with the simple elements of nature, water and sand and be amazed at where your creativity takes you!

For sandcastle building with a meaningful touch, come down to the white, sandy beaches of East Coast Park and join Castle Beach, a non-profit organisation that provides sandcastle teambuilding activities for children who have various challenges and family backgrounds. Play with these little children as they build their sandcastles with wide, proud grins etched on their faces.

Are you eager to mould some sandcastles? Come and enjoy this simple yet pleasurable activity at Pasir Ris Park, West Coast Park, Changi Beach Park, Sembawang Park or East Coast Park!!


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Last updated on 03 November 2023

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