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Coco and Friends workshop

Let Coco the Colugo take you on a virtual tour around our forests! Who are Coco’s friends? What do they eat? How do they move around? Can we feed the monkeys? The answers to these questions will be shared by Coco and his amazing forest animal friends via virtual storytelling and short interactive segments.

“Coco and Friends” is a programme by National Parks Board and HSBC Singapore aiming to promote more understanding and awareness of some of our native biodiversity found in our forests. Through the eyes of Coco the Malayan Colugo, children will embark on a nature adventure, learning about Coco (the Malayan Colugo) and his friends, and about the plants that are useful to both Man and animals which can be found in the forest.

Each child will be given a creative and colourful nature journal filled with quizzes and colouring pages, crayons and a beautifully decorated sling bag to help them learn about our biodiversity. At the end of the session, students will be brought on a virtual tour at Hindhede Nature Park to spot Coco at his cosy home!

Target level: School groups - Kindergarten 1 & 2/ Primary 1 & 2*

Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Cost: $10 per pax

Inclusions: Virtual workshop via Zoom platform. Each student receives a cotton sling bag, a set of crayons, and a Nature Journal

Coco and Friends



Booking for a workshop must be made at least 3 weeks in advance with fadzleen_arriffin or

* This workshop is only open to schools and childcare centres.

Last updated on 26 October 2021

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