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Singapore Botanic Gardens

Programmes for Students (Learning Journey)

How to Book a Guided Tour:

1) Check out our tour titles in the programme booklet. All guided tours are 1.5hrs, at a flat rate of $180 (including GST) per group, subjected to a maximum of 20 students.

 Preschool Levels  Primary and Secondary Levels
Programme Booklet Preschool Programme Booklet Pri and Sec

2) Register your interest via our online enquiry form during the respective window period and at least 8 weeks before your intended tour dates.

For guided tours in the following months  Please register your interest during the following period
 Jan 2024 - Mar 2024  Oct 2023 - Dec 2023
 Mar 2024 - Jun 2024  Jan 2024 - Mar 2024
 Jul 2024 - Sep 2024  Apr 2024 - Jun 2024
 Oct 2024 - Dec 2024  Jul 2024 - Sep 2024

3) We will reach out to you upon receipt of your request. Please email us if you do not hear from us 4 weeks before your requested date. 

4) Once we have agreed to the booking arrangement, we will send you a Booking Form along with our booking terms for your verification. Your booking is confirmed after we receive the signed Booking Form from you.


For schools and organisations registered locally, an invoice can be issued to you after completion of programme. Payment should be made only after you have received the invoice. An e-invoice can be issued to government agencies.

Please note that our credit term is 30 days from the date of the invoice. 

Alternatively, payment can be made by NETS or Credit Card (VISA or Mastercard only), on the actual day of the programme.

Have a question? Refer to our comprehensive FAQ!

Last updated on 14 September 2023

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