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Personal dogs kept on commercial premises

A maximum of three dogs is allowed per commercial premises. You have to obtain special permission from us to keep more than three dogs. A letter of authorisation from the premises management is needed to keep dogs on commercial premises.
With effect from 15 November 2010, only one Scheduled dog can be licensed and kept per unit of commercial premises. This change does not affect Scheduled dogs that have been licensed and kept before 15 November 2010.
You need to seek prior approval from us if you wish to keep a fourth, and subsequent, dog.

Dogs kept for breeding or sale in dog farms or pet shops

All dogs that are currently kept in dog farms for breeding have to be licensed under a breeding group dog licence.
From 1 March 2017, all dogs aged nine weeks and above that are intended for sale by pet shops must be licensed before they are sold. When a dog is sold, pet shops are required to transfer ownership of the dog to its new owner, be they individuals or other pet businesses, via the Pet Animal Licensing System (PALS).

Applying for a breeding or retail group dog licence 

To obtain a group dog licence, you first need to have a pet shop or dog farm licence. We will process the group dog licence(s) for you after you have obtained a valid pet shop or dog farm licence.
You must update your group dog licence if there are any changes to the licence owner and/or dog details.
Type of licence  Who should apply?  Number of dogs allowed per group licence
Breeding group dog licence Dog farms that are keeping dogs intended for breeding. Must not exceed the maximum number permitted by the breeding group dog licence tier.
Retail group dog licence (effective from 1 March 2017)  Pet shops and dog farms that are keeping dogs intended for sale. Must not exceed the number stated in our pet shop licence conditions. 

Licence fees 

Breeding group dog licence fees in dog farms 
More than 300 dogs S$3,500 per annum
201 - 300 dogs   S$1,700 per annum
101 - 200 dogs  S$1,100 per annum
100 or fewer dogs or fewer  S$650 per annum
Retail group dog licence fees 
101 - 200 dogs  S$1,000 per annum 
51 - 100 dogs  S$500 per annum
21 - 50 dogs S$250 per annum
11 - 20 dogs   S$100 per annum
10 dogs or fewer   S$50 per annum