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Licensing dogs kept on non-HDB residential premises

A maximum of three dogs are allowed per unit of private (non-HDB) premises. You have to obtain special permission from us if you want to keep more than three dogs.
With effect from 15 November 2010, only one Scheduled dog can be licensed and kept per unit of private premises. This change does not affect Scheduled dogs that have been licensed and kept before 15 November 2010.


Number of licensed dogs allowed per unit of non-HDB premises 
Date of dog licence application Number of Scheduled dogs allowed Number of non-Scheduled dogs allowed  Maximum number of dogs allowed
 Before 15 November 2010  0  0 - 3  3
 1  0 - 2
 2  0 - 1
 3  0
 On and after 15 November 2010  0  0 - 3  3
 1  0 - 2 

Assessment of application to keep more dogs

You need to seek prior approval from us if you wish to keep a fourth, and subsequent, dog, All applications are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, subject to these evaluation criteria:

  • Dogs are securely kept within a premises that is large enough to comfortably house all four dogs.
  • All dogs are licensed and microchipped.
  • All dogs are healthy and in good condition.
  • Owner has good control over the dogs. Dogs should show they can react appropriately to their owner's commands.
  • Documentation that the fourth, and subsequent, dog is sterilised and obedience-trained.
  • Owner agrees to remove one of the four dogs when there is feedback that the dogs are a nuisance.


To qualify for the reduced licence fee of S$15 for the fourth dog, the applicant must produce an adoption letter confirming that their pet is a mongrel from one of our rehoming partners: