Ask Jamie @ AVS

How to Avoid Losing Your Pet 

You can avoid losing your pet by keeping it properly, such as ensuring that your premises are secured to prevent it from running off. For small mammals, such as rabbits and hamsters, keep them in enclosures or cages that are big enough for them to move freely. 

If you are a dog owner

If you are bringing your dog out for walks, ensure that it is leashed.

 Ensure that your house is properly fenced, and that your gate remains closed at all times whenever your dog is moving freely around the premises. Ensure that any automatic gates do not accidentally open, and that your dog does not escape when someone is leaving or coming into your house.

If you are a cat owner

If your cat likes to wander, you may want to keep it in a suitable cage when you are not around to supervise it. This will prevent potential disputes with neighbours as they may not like it when a cat enters or goes near their house.

Caging your cat also protects it from outdoor dangers like vehicles and dogs. Cats spend much of their time resting and sleeping, and may not be adversely affected by being kept in a suitable cage.