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Coral Reef Monitoring Programme

Objective: To monitor the health of the coral reefs in the islands south of Singapore, and document its biodiversity

When it started: April 2005

Location: Various locations in the islands south of Singapore, particularly the islands of Hantu, Semakau, Jong, Sisters, Kusu and Raffles

Partner: The project is jointly organised with Blue Water Volunteers

Approach: The reef monitoring project uses internationally recognised methods (such as the line-intercept method and Reef Check) to survey the benthos (community of organisms) of the reef, the reef fish community and other mobile invertebrates. Over time, the surveys will give us an indication of decline or recovery of the reef. In addition, documentation of the reefs’ biodiversity through images and videos gives us a glimpse of the biodiversity that occurs on our reefs.

Volunteers who have experience diving in local waters are welcome to take part in this survey. You will initially be assigned a dive buddy until you are trained in the survey techniques. We welcome you to sign up for the programme on the Blue Water Volunteers’ Facebook page or email Jeffrey Low at


Last updated on 18 October 2018

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