Resources on CMBS are available for download:

1. Interesting findings from CMBS

2. Updates on Results of CMBS (from Singapore Biodiversity Research Symposium 2014)

3. Mudflat Guide

4. CMBS Posters

      - Crinoids (feather star)

      - Holothuroids (sea cucumber)

      - Isopods (sea cockroach)

      - Leucosioids (pebble crab)

      - Ophiuroids (brittle star and basket star)

      - Opistobranchs (marine snails/ slugs with gills behind the heart)

      - Polychaetes (bristle worms)

      - Polyclads (flatworms)

      - Alpheids (snapping shrimps)

5. Findings from the Johor Strait Expedition (The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 2015 Supplement No. 31)