Skyrise Greenery Certification Programme - Part 1

Course code CUGE-PCP-7008A
Methodology E-learning
Suitable for
  • Horticulturist
  • Landscape Architects
  • Anyone who works closely on skyrise greenery projects (design, implementation or maintenance, etc.)
Certificate Attainment

To attain a Certificate, participants are required to achieve 80% passing mark for assessment

The professional certification is valid for a period of 3 years.

Course Duration 9.5 hours
Course Fee

$1,733.40 (inclusive of 7% GST)

*Terms and conditions apply.


Over the years, skyrise greenery has evolved from its infancy into a significant component of the built environment as more stakeholders begin to value its importance. 

With its scale and extent set to grow further in future, there is an increasing need for landscape practitioners to deepen their knowledge and skills in this domain, and to focus on the sustainability and safety aspects of skyrise greenery specific to our local environment.

Participants would be able to complete the programme via a comprehensive set of learning content delivered via online learning platform.

Learning Objectives

Module 1

Green Roof Design and Installation

1A: Introduction

  • History and Categories of Green Roofs
  • The Critical Path, Standards and Valuation of Benefits
  • Private and Public Benefits
  • The Monetary Value of the Soft Benefits of Green Roofs
  • Team Selection and Site Analysis
  • 1B: Overview of Systems, Approaches and Components

    • Green Roof Components and System Design
    • Waterproofing Assemblies
    • Drainage Systems
    • Irrigation, Substrate & Vegetation
    • Components for End Use & Aesthetics

    1C: Design and Installation

    • Budget Development
    • Design
    • Construction Contracting
    • Construction Administration
    • Project Close Out

    Module 2

    Green Roof Waterproofing and Drainage

    2A: Waterproofing Principles and Materials

    • Waterproofing Design Considerations
    • Waterproofing Assemblies
    • Roof Deck and Membrane Considerations
    • Flashing, Details & Retrofits
    • Special Considerations - Sloped Roofs and Water Features
    • Waterproofing Material Component Profiles
    • Waterproofing System Component Profiles

    2B: Drainage Principles and Implementation

    • Drainage Design Principles
    • Waterproofing and Drainage Implementation
    • Installation of Components and Leak Detection
    • Roofing Maintenance

    Module 3

    Green Roof Plants and Substrate

    3A: Plants and Substrate Basics

    • Plant Physiology
    • Plant Categories
    • Biological, Chemical and Physical Characteristics of Substrate
    • Components of Substrate

    3B: Vegetation and Substrate Design

    • Plants and Substrate Design Intent
    • Plants and Substrate Design

    3C:Vegetation and Substrate Installation

    • Installation of Irrigation Systems and Substrate
    • Installation of Vegetation
    • Maintenance


    Rohan Lilauwala has spent the past six years working on breaking down barriers to the widespread use of living green infrastructure across North America, developing and delivering training programs, tools and resources, and analysis. His focus has largely been on green infrastructure performance, costs, and benefits, and his analyses have helped lead to the passage of Denver’s citizen-led Green Roof Initiative and improvements to Toronto’s Eco-Roof Incentive Program. He is the lead behind the adaptation of the Green Roof Training Professional Program for Singapore, and for the Living Architecture Performance Tool rating system for green roofs and walls. 

    Professional Development Units

    Professional Certification CEU/CPD
    ISA Certified Arborist Pending
    Certified Practising Horticulturist Pending
    Professional Engineers Board Pending
    Singapore Institute of Architect Pending
    Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects Pending


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