Book Launches

NParks launched two new biodiversity books to increase readers’ awareness and appreciation of biodiversity around them, as we transform Singapore into a City in Nature.

A Review of Garden Bird Watch (2015 – 2019)

This book showcases the results and trends of birds spotted over the past five years, contributed by NParks’ over 1100 dedicated citizen scientists who have participated in Garden Bird Watch. These results and contributions by the citizen scientists help us to understand if our habitat enhancement and restoration efforts are benefitting our garden birds.

This is the first book in Singapore that shows the distribution of specific birds across many of Singapore’s parks, gardens, and other green spaces.

This book will be available for download for free here.

A Guide to the Bees of Singapore

A collaboration between NParks and NUS, this is the first guidebook on bees in Singapore, and is also the first comprehensive guide of the bee fauna of any country in Southeast Asia.

The book debunks several common bee myths and provides a resource for people to begin identifying, conserving and learning about these crucial pollinators.

The book is available in hard copy at $26 at all Gardens shops in Singapore Botanic Gardens and through their online shop, with a 20% discount from today till 30 September 2020. The book will also be available at major bookstores at a later date.

A new e-guide for 37 common bee species found in our parks and gardens is now available for download on the SGBioAtlas App via the QR codes below. 

With these resources, we hope that the community will be able to understand and appreciate the role that bees play as pollinators of many of our native plant species and get to know the bee fauna in Singapore.



Enhance your knowledge on Singapore’s rich biodiversity from books published by NParks. More information can be found here.