NParks and nature groups get together to showcase our efforts in conserving biodiversity in Singapore.

Come join us to explore and learn more about our native species at these booths.


ACRES (Animals Concern Research & Education Society)


Come visit our booth to view our native wildlife models, incorporating with advisory information on how to co-exist with these animals in our urban city.

Cicada Tree Eco-Place


Posters featuring flora and fauna of Pang Sua Woodland along Rail Corridor, a Community Biodiversity Survey by volunteeers and results published in nature conservation book by Cicada Tree Eco-Place and Nature Society (Singapore). This initiative is in support of Friends of Rail Corridor.



Freshwater Crab Working Group


The Freshwater Crab Working Group aims to conserve the Singapore Freshwater Crab (Johora singaporensis) and other endemic freshwater crabs through research, habitat protection, captive management and outreach. Come to our booth to find out more about our freshwater crabs in Singapore, the conservation research work we do, and our outreach efforts, and how this can contribute to overall conservation of freshwater biodiversity and habitats!


Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore)


Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore) showcases its various partnerships and programmes in the form of an interactive photobooth concept. The booth will take inspiration from the set of our storytelling programmes we conduct on FaceBook.



Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM)


The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM) strives to be a leader in Southeast Asian biodiversity – in research, education and outreach.

We aim to nurture public interest in biodiversity and associated environmental issues. Come to our booth to find out more about our huge collection of historical and research specimens, the expeditions and research work we do, and our outreach and education efforts!




Mandai Nature


Mandai Nature, a non-profit entity, is dedicated to protecting threatened species, nurturing healthy ecosystems and creating vibrant communities where wildlife and people can thrive and co-exist, in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Come learn more about Mandai Nature at our booth.



 NParks - Community in Nature (Schools)

The Community in Nature (CIN) school programmes seek to engage Singapore schools to conserve our natural heritage. Come visit the CIN Schools booth to learn more about how students can play a part in local biodiversity conservation. 

Booth Schedule

 25 Sept 2021, 10am to 12pm  Kranji Secondary School
 25 Sept 2021, 12pm to 2pm  Raffles Institution
 25 Sept 2021,2pm to 4pm  Nanyang Girls' High School
 26 Sept 2021,9am to 11am  Bukit Batok Secondary School


 NParks - Conservation Division

Get to know Singapore's thriving biodiversity, go out and explore! Learn how you can play a part in biodiversity conservation through our volunteering opportunities. Visit our Conservation Division booth to learn interesting facts of our local wildlife and how you can play a part in protecting them and their homes. 


NParks - Heritage Trees of Singapore


Heritage Trees are beautiful mature trees, with interesting botanical, social, historical or cultural stories. There are more than 260 Heritage Trees across our island and they contribute to Singapore’s sense of identity and history, helping us to stay rooted to the place we call home.

Visit us to learn about these important green landmarks of our natural heritage at the ‘Heritage Trees of Singapore’ booth!


Responsible Interaction with Wildlife


The booth showcases the work on the campaign project by participants from the Youth Stewards for Nature programme, which promotes responsible wildlife interaction and also content on the illegal wildlife trade. The project is mentored by the NParks Wildlife Management and Outreach team.



NUS Toddycats!


NUS Toddycats! are volunteers with the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.

We aim to expose, develop, enthuse and apply individuals to programmes in conservation, education and research. We also engage the public through exhibitions, nature and heritage trails, public seminars, webpages, partnerships and coastal cleanups!

Through our poster and slide presentation, we will share with members of the public our programmes and activities. Have a passion for nature and biodiversity? Come to our booth to find out how you can contribute!


Otter Working Group


The Otter Working Group is a close partnership of multiple entities including ACRES, NParks, NUS, PAssion WaVe, PUB, WRS and members of the public, collectively working towards otter conservation in Singapore.



Republic Polytechnic


At Republic Polytechnic, we are passionate about research, conservation and raising awareness of local horseshoe crabs. By learning interesting facts (through posters, bookmarks and games) about horseshoe crabs and the environmental challenges they face, we hope you can join us to help protect them too!


Drop by our booth to take a look at the carcasses/moults of horseshoe crabs and learn how to identify the two different native species of horseshoe crabs!


Singapore Pangolin Working Group (SPWG)


Visit our booth to learn more about the critically-endangered Sunda pangolin (Manis javanica) in Singapore with educational content highlighting challenges faced by Sunda Pangolins in Singapore, SPWG's role in pangolin conservation and the public's role in pangolin conservation


Singapore Wildcat Action Group (SWAG)


We love wildlife, especially wild cats! We raise awareness about conservation of our last native wildcat, the Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) and recruit volunteers to take direct action to protect wildcats and their habitats. We educate children about wildcats and nurture in them a love of wildlife. Come find out more how you can help wildcats!


Singapore Youth Voices for Biodiversity (SYVB)


The Singapore Youth Voices for Biodiversity (SYVB) aims to empower Singapore youths to have a voice in the decision-making process for biodiversity locally and globally. SYVB hopes to align the interests of various youth environment groups in Singapore, encourage collaboration and set a direction towards the 2050 vision of ‘Living in harmony with nature’ by the United Nations Convention of Biological Diversity. Check out SYVB’s past events and infographics of Singapore’s biodiversity at our booth. Be inspired to love our biodiversity!