Art & Craft Workshops

Want to try your hand at some simple art and craft while learning about our local biodiversity? Come join us to explore various native species at these fun and free workshops!

This list is currently being updated, do check back for more information.


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Birds of a feather, flock together

NParks Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Did you know that up to 118 migratory birds can be seen at Sungei Buloh during the migratory season? Get creative and make your own bird mobile, and learn all about the wonders of migratory shorebirds!


Crafty Ants

Yuvabharathi International School

Do you know that ants are capable of forming complex societal structure? Learn more about our native ants and their amazing behaviour through the craft workshop conducted by students from the Yuvabharathi International School.

Crunchers & Munchers 

St. Hilda's Primary School

Do you know that caterpillars comes in wonderful colours and patterns? Find out more about our native caterpillars and their life cycle by joining St. Hilda's Primary School in making egg-tray caterpillars of the Painted Jezebel, Common Rose and many more!

  Dear Ocean, My love

Global Indian International School

As the title suggests, "Dear Ocean My Love," is a skit about the love and nurturing, humanity is supposed to have and express towards the ocean and its inhabitants, that is, marine animals and plants. In this skit, fishermen and women, and an everyday Singaporean family go through traumatic experiences while fishing and diving in the waters around Singapore- marine lives are becoming endangered and even extinct in some situations. Their experiences compel them to take action to educate and make people commit to taking loving action to save and protect the marine animals and plants.


Draw My Spots!

NParks National Biodiversity Centre

Learn more about Singapore's only wild cat and go dotty creating a Leopard Cat friend to bring home with you in this paper craft workshop.


Fascinating ladybirds 

Greenwood Primary School

Fancy those brightly-coloured ladybug in the garden? Discover and learn more about our native ladybug species as you turn upcycled cardboard into attractive magnets – perfect for your refrigerator decór.


Fun with Marine Creatures

International Year of the Reef 

This workshop will feature a variety of marine-related arts and crafts activities by NParks! Join us to learn more about Singapore’s marine biodiversity through these interactive activities. The workshop will feature a dot-to-dot tracing and coloring activity, where you can draw and learn more about the octopus, mantis shrimp and flower crab, making jellyfish out of upcycled egg cartons, and a variety of paper cutout activities such as making a bouncy octopus, sea turtle and wriggly fish.

  Fun with Terrarium

Greendale Primary School

Try your hand at building a terrarium with our native plants together with the students from Greendale Primary School. Learn more about our common native plants, at the same time spruce up your urban home with the charming mini-ecosystem!

Intertidal Watch Mini Survey

NParks Intertidal Watch

Join us to learn how to do an Intertidal Watch survey without getting wet from NParks citizen scientists and volunteers! From this survey, you can get to know more about the biodiversity of intertidal habitats in Singapore too!

  Know Your Backyard!

St. Andrew’s Junior School

Create bookmarks from used envelopes featuring fascinating local biodiversity, which include the Raffles Banded Langur, Black-tipped Reef Shark and Singapore’s Kopsia. Learn more about each species and share the newfound knowledge with your friends and families.


Leap to Success!

NParks National Biodiversity Centre

Despite our size, Singapore has a rich biodiversity and is home to many different flora and fauna. In this workshop, we specifically get to learn more about the adorable Cinnamon Bush Frog through a board game. Join us as we "Leap to Success!


Lipstick Artistry

NParks National Biodiversity Centre

Our "Lipstick Artistry" craft workshop uses the elements of art to introduce the public to our native Lipstick Plant. This is your chance to let your creativity run wild, so come and join us as we "plant" our very own Lipstick Plant.


Meet a Fellow Asian

NParks National Biodiversity Centre

There is another Asian in Singapore that you might not have heard of; the Asian Fairy Bluebird! If you are interested to know more about who this fellow Asian is, come down to join us at our "Meet A Fellow Asian" craft workshop during the Festival of Biodiversity!


Practice Makes Po-fect!

Raffles Institution

It is a puppet show about Singapore's Raffles' Banded Langur, which is based off a book "Practice Makes Po-fect" written by the Raffles Eco-lit group.

  Protect Our Pangolins! 

NParks Conservation Division

Get "crafty" at the Festival of Biodiversity! Have fun making your own animal door hanger while learning how you could protect this critically endangered species. Who is this animal? Join us to find out more!

The Super Seagrass Search

Raffles Institution

Nobody can beat Doo the Dugong at a game of hide and seek! Doo begins to find Ollie the Octopus in the shallows of Chek Jawa but the game suddenly takes an unexpected twist in the seagrass meadows. Even after searching high and low, Ollie is nowhere to be found! Has Ollie gone missing? Will Doo ever find Ollie? 


Under the Sea

NParks National Biodiversity Centre

Dive deeper into the sea to learn more about what goes on in our waters! Featuring facts about some of the marine animals found in Singapore, our "Under the Sea" hands-on game will definitely be an eye-opening experience for you!


What's In Our Water?

Woodlands Ring Primary School

Being a tropical island, the water surrounding Singapore is teeming with life. How much do you know about our marine environment? Celebrate the International Year of the Reef together with Woodlands Ring Primary School by turning recyclables into your favourite marine creatures, at the same time learn more about them.


Woosh – A Coral’s Journey

Raffles Institution

Cory, the little coral spat, follows the current on an adventure to find a home. It travels to many fascinating places but it doesn’t seem to belong! Where can Cory go?



Nature Trail at Tampines Eco Green
As part of the WWF Leadership Programme in collaboration with National Parks Board Community in Nature, WWF student leaders will be conducting guided walks for the public at Tampines Eco Green. To join the walks, sign up at