Into its ninth year, the Festival of Biodiversity is an annual celebration of Singapore’s biodiversity, in commemoration of the International Day for Biological Diversity on 22 May.

Singapore has, over the decades, gradually moved towards becoming a City in Nature, one where nature-based solutions are incorporated to make our country more liveable, and at the same time, climate resilient – an approach that is reflected in this year’s theme for the International Day of Biological Diversity, “Our Solutions Are in Nature”.



Our City in Nature vision is guided by four key strategies – extending our natural capital, intensifying nature in gardens and parks, restoring nature into the built environment, and strengthening connectivity between Singapore’s green spaces. It focuses on the further adoption of nature-based solutions, underpinned by active community stewardship. Sensitive, biophilic design will help to mitigate the impacts of growing urbanisation – coupled with climate change – on our existing green spaces.

[Did You Know?]

The word ‘biophilic’ comes from ‘biophilia’, meaning to have a love for nature and living things. ‘Biophilic design’ refers to the concept of incorporating natural elements such as plants, sunlight and water into the design of a building or, habitat restoration projects (e.g. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park’s naturalised river – see ‘Naturalising Waterbodies’) with the intent to connect its users with nature.

Climate Change: Strengthening Our Natural Defences

As a small island, Singapore is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including extreme weather events such as intense rainfall, that are likely to increase in frequency. We can help to mitigate these impacts through solutions found in nature.

[Nature Conservation Masterplan]

A five-year plan launched in 2015, the Nature Conservation Masterplan charted out the course of Singapore’s biodiversity conservation plans. It is a cornerstone of our efforts in becoming a City in Nature.


[For Nature and Us]

Ecosystem services are the benefits derived from healthy, functioning ecosystems that all living things depend on for survival. Ecosystems support and regulate vital systems that are important for sustaining life on the planet, they provide sources of food, water and medicine, and are places of cultural value.

To ensure Singapore’s continued liveability and sustainability, we can tap on and further apply nature-based solutions that we already have. These solutions will enable us to transform into a City in Nature and bring about:

  • Climate Resilience
  • Ecological Resilience
  • Social Resilience