Festival Highlights and Programmes

There will be many interactive workshops and exhibitions for all ages! So what are you waiting for? Mark these dates down and come celebrate with us!


Click on the links to the left to learn more about the different activities we have during Festival of Biodiversity. Please check back regularly for more updates as we will be adding more activities throughout September.


Main Events

Date Event 

5 & 6 Sep

Festival of Biodiversity

Learn more about Singapore's rich biodiversity through various activities and exhibitions!

12 Sep

Wader Watch

Every year, thousands of migratory shorebirds arrive at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve to escape the harsh winters in the north. Join us on Zoom, for this special online edition of Wader Watch, to learn about these fascinating birds and the arduous journey that they undertake as they fly from as far as Russia and China to Singapore!

This event has ended.

19 & 20 Sep

Youth Nature Explorer Opening Seminar by BFF GFF

Youth Nature Explorer aims to cultivate youths as ambassadors for biodiversity and horticulture. Sign up for the virtual seminar to learn more about the Youth Nature Explorer programme and hear from youths active in the scene.

On the following day after the seminar, youth will get a chance to take part in a habitat enhancement activity on Pulau Ubin, held in small groups at staggered timings.

This event has ended.

12 – 26 Sep 

Pesta Ubin and Ubin Day

Pesta Ubin celebrates and showcases Singapore's unique island Pulau Ubin, and this year, there will be a series of activities from 12 to 26 Sep, brought to you by members of Friends of Ubin Network. For more information, visit here.

Pesta Ubin will culminate in Ubin Day on 26 Sep, and we have prepared a series of activities that you can join online!

  • Learn more about Pulau Ubin’s biodiversity, socio-cultural history and natural history through a series of talks by NParks staff, volunteers, and partners. Find out more below.
  • You can also ‘explore’ Ubin through a series of virtual tours, found at our YouTube Channel @NParksSG.


Citizen Science Programmes

Date Programme

7 – 26 Sep

Nationwide BioBlitz

Unleash your inner scientist and join us in a race to identify and count as many animals that you can find in a park or nature reserve!

This year, BioBlitz is going remote and will focus on 4 animal groups: birds, butterflies, bees and dragonflies.The community can spend one morning conducting surveys in a park of their choice between 7 and 26 September and submit their results through an online form.The results of the BioBlitz will contribute towards facilitating conservation efforts for Singapore’s biodiversity.

Online training sessions will be held for each taxa and participants can attend to equip themselves with tips and resources for identification.

Click here for the full list of activities and details.

This event has ended.


Online Training:

30 Aug, 6 Sep

9 – 26 Sep

Habitat Enhancement

Habitat enhancement sessions will be taking place in various locations across Singapore. Interested participants can look forward to working alongside naturalists can researchers to document the flora and fauna that can be found within a particular area or contribute to enhancing habitats for our biodiversity by planting tress and shrubs in our parks, gardens and nature reserves.

Click here for the full list of activities and details.

This event has ended.


Events by Nature Groups

Check out these exciting events prepared by our nature group partners. Visit the links below to learn more about our partners and their events.


Date Event Remarks
5 Sep LKCNHM5 e-Celebrations by Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum


This year marks our fifth year of the Lee Kong Chian Natural Museum (LKCNHM) in the National University of Singapore. In commemoration of the fifth anniversary, we invite everyone to join us virtually for our LKCNHM5 e-Celebrations on 5 September 2020 (Sat), from 10 am to 4:15 pm! An exciting line-up of web-talks by our staff and a live broadcast of the celebratory activities at the museum await you. Click here to find out more.

Event has ended.
5 Sep

Virtual ACRES Supporters Get-Together 2020 by ACRES


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to host our bi-annual Supporters Get-Together at our wildlife rescue centre. However, we are bringing ACRES to you instead! Join our virtual Supporters Get-Together to learn how we care coping during these trying times and get updates from our staff.

Event has ended.
Various dates and time between 6 Sep and 26 Sep

Walk with Your Neighbours @ Chestnut Nature Park! by Friends of Chestnut Nature Park


By residents, for residents! Friends of Chestnut Nature Park present to you free nature walks guided by neighbours from the wider Chestnut community. Come learn about the plants and animals (some endangered!) that share our neighbourhoods and green spaces, and share stories about the history of the area! Suitable for all ages. Bring your family and friends down to meet neighbours — and if you're lucky, you may even get to meet a mousedeer or two!


Due to COVID-19 precautions, all registrants are to wear a mask throughout the walk and maintain safe distancing. Only 4 participants will be allowed for each walk.

Event has ended.
25 Sep

BFF Virtual Nature Race by Biodiversity Friends Forum

Are you a youth looking for a Friday night activity with your group of friends? Join the BFF Virtual Nature Race conducted fully online with a group of 3-5. You will race other teams to solve puzzles and challenges and stand a chance to win attractive prizes, while learning more about Singapore’s nature and wildlife!

Event has ended.

Singapore Pangolin Working Group – Scaling up pangolin conservation in Singapore

The Singapore Pangolin Working Group (SPWG) was founded in 2014 and works on scaling up pangolin conservation in Singapore with stakeholders from government agencies, conservation NGOs, private entities, individuals, and academic institutions. With the launch of the SPWG website, you can now record pangolin sightings, read the conservation plan, and learn more about these critically-endangered mammals!

Click here to visit the website.



NParks Spotlight

Get to know the biodiversity of our City in Nature, with NParks Spotlight. This month, we will hear from our partners in the biodiversity community. They will share about the fascinating lives of our flora and fauna, and what YOU can do to protect them! Join us online every weekend from 10.30am - 11.30am. Register to be part of the Zoom session (Limited slots) or stream the talk live on the NParksSG YouTube channel.


Date Title Speaker   Synopsis Registration 
5 Sep Amazing Reptiles and Amphibians of Singapore

Sankar Ananthanarayanan

President, Herpetological Society of Singapore

Reptiles and amphibians are often misunderstood. But look closer, and you’ll find that many are harmless, important to the environment and even beautiful! Join us to learn about these spectacular creatures.

Click here to watch the video.
12 Sep Finding Community in Conservation 

Sam Shu Qin

Volunteer, Friends of Marine Park

Friends of Marine Park is an initiative supporting Sisters’ Islands Marine Park. Our speaker will share how community collaboration and their ‘kampung spirit’ have been key to making waves in marine conservation.  Click here to watch the video.
13 Sep Five Years of Garden Bird Watch 

Low Bing Wen

Senior Manager, Terrestrial branch, National Biodiversity Centre

Garden Bird Watch is a citizen science initiative that monitors birds in our parks and gardens. Join us to find out how these birds are faring, based on data contributed by over 1100 dedicated volunteers since 2015. Click here to watch the video.
19 Sep   A Love for Langurs

 Andie Ang

Research Scientist, Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund

Chairperson, Raffles’ Banded Langur Working Group

The Raffles’ Banded Langur is a strikingly beautiful monkey, with midnight fur and ivory bands traversing the underside of its body and limbs. Find out why these langurs are critically endangered and how we can help.
Click here to watch the video.
20 Sep Wild Bees as Watchable Wildlife in Singapore

Zestin Soh

Senior Manager, Horticulture & Operations, Singapore Botanic Gardens

John Ascher

Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore

Extraordinary bees can be found in Singapore including giant black carpenters, blue cloak-and-daggers, and tiny sweat and stingless bees. Join Mr Zestin Soh (NParks) and Asst. Prof John Ascher (NUS) to discover the work behind Singapore’s first guide on bees and how you can be involved in documenting them in our City in Nature.

Click here to watch the video.
26 Sep Capturing Wild Moments

Bernard Seah

Wildlife Photographer

Volunteer, Otter Working Group

Singapore is rich in biodiversity — From charismatic otters, to mysterious crocodiles and elusive snakes. Get behind the camera with our speaker, who will share insights and ethical practices for photographing our wildlife.  Click here to watch the video.

Greening our nation: Evolution of tree planting in Singapore

Date Speaker(s)  Synopsis Registration 
12 Sep

Mr Tee Swee Ping (Coordinating Director, NParks) 

Dr Adrian Loo (Group Director, NParks)

Ever wondered why our roads are lined with so many Rain Trees, or noticed that our streets are now planted up with a greater diversity of trees? Singapore's landscape has undergone tremendous transformation since founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew planted a Mempat tree in 1963 to kickstart our first nationwide tree-planting campaign. While our nation’s fervour for tree planting has not wavered since, our planting strategy has evolved over the decades in tandem with our changing needs.

Click here to watch the video.

Ubin Day

Learn more about Pulau Ubin's biodiversity, socio-cultural history and natural history through a series of talks. Find out more below. Check out Pesta Ubin for more activities prepared by Friends of Ubin Network.

Time Event Registration 
9.30am – 10.30am

Pulau Ubin’s houses and settlements and its socio-cultural landscape histories


Learn about the possibilities of dissolving the natural-cultural dichotomy to restore and conserve the island’s physical landscape. This is done through fieldwork documentation of four houses in Kampong Sungei Durian and Kampong Surau in Pulau Ubin, interview of current and former residents, and research into the settlement’s histories.

Click here to watch the video.
11.30am – 12.30pm

Working with nature to restore our mangroves by the National University of Singapore

Mangroves provide us with many ecological and economic benefits, and many people are now interested to restore them and increase their area. Join Dr Dan Friess (NUS) as he shares more about mangrove restoration. Successful mangrove restoration faces many challenges, though a new approach —Ecological Mangrove Restoration — is helping us to overcome these challenges in Singapore, Southeast Asia and beyond.

Click here to watch the video.
1.00pm – 2.00pm 

Accessibility Ubin: Jetty for All by Accessible Ubin

The Accessibility Plan for Ubin was announced in 2019, with the aim to make the island more accessible for people from all walks of life. Colin Chew, a member of the Friends of Ubin Network and leader of Accessible Ubin will be sharing plans for a new floating pontoon jetty at Ubin Living Lab. Participants are welcomed to share ideas to improve the jetty spaces. 

Click here to watch the video.
2.00pm – 3.00pm 

Ubin Day – The Importance of Pulau Ubin for Bird Conservation with Nature Society (Singapore)

Join Kim Chuah and Ding Li from Nature Society (Singapore) Bird Group as they focus on the birds of Pulau Ubin, recent discoveries and the importance of Pulau Ubin for bird conservation at the national and international scale.

Click here to watch the video.
3.00pm – 4.00pm

NParks Webinar – Findings from the First Comprehensive Ubin Biodiversity Survey

Find out more about the biodiversity that can be found on Pulau Ubin through a sharing of the results of the first ever Comprehensive Ubin Biodiversity Survey, featuring some new findings and interesting sightings, with talks by survey experts and NParks.
Click here to watch the video.
All Day

Virtual tour of revamped Kampung Houses (26 Sep)

Did you know that some of the kampung houses on Pulau Ubin have been given a new breath of life? Find out more about this initiative undertaken by NParks and the Friends of Ubin Network to revitalise kampung life and retain the heritage and rusticity of Pulau Ubin.

Click here to watch the video.
All Day

Virtual Biodiversity Tour – Chek Jawa Wetlands (26 Sep)

Get transported to Pulau Ubin through a virtual tour of

  • Chek Jawa Boardwalk
  • Jejawi Tower to get a panoramic view of Chek Jawa Wetlands
  • Pekan Quarry Floating Wetlands
  • Sensory Pond
Click here to watch the video.
All Day

Virtual tour of the Military Installation at Camp Resilience (26 Sep)

Take a virtual tour around the National Police Cadet Corp’s Camp Resilience at Pulau Ubin and its interesting history.

Click here to watch the video.