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5 easy steps to starting a Community in Bloom Project in your Private Housing Estate

Homeowners may set up roadside gardens on the green verges in front of their homes along roads in their estates or in nearby parks. Condominium residents are also encouraged to garden within their estates.

Download a copy of "Garden Leader's guide on community gardening projects" (PDF, 4.7MB) to find out how you can start a community garden with your team and check out the "Good Roadside Gardening Practices" (PDF, 1.3MB) for tips and plants suitable for roadside gardening at private estates. 

"Once I get involved with community gardening, I get to know my neighbours better”
Sharon Lau, Resident (Mayfair Park)

Step 1. Form a gardening club

  • Gather interested participants among your neighbours.
  • Appoint a leader for your gardening group. Get support from the Neighbourhood Committee (NC) of your estate for this community gardening project.

Step 2. Organise a sharing session for the participants

  • Organise a sharing session for residents where NParks can share tips on good gardening practices and ideas on setting up their garden plots.
  • Recruit more participants for the gardening project during the session.
  • Draw up a list of households who are interested in setting up their own roadside frontage garden and hand it to NParks. The list must include: 1. Street name, 2. House number, 3. Name and contact number of house owner.

Step 3. Plan your garden

Determine the following details of your garden:
  • Amount of sunlight
  • Level or sloping ground
  • Inherent ground conditions eg: water-logging
  • Other safety considerations
  • Garden theme - eg: Herbs and spice garden, Ornamental Garden, etc.
  • Garden design - Schematic layout of the planting location of the different types of plants
  • Plant selection - eg: Herbs, Spices, Flowers, etc.

Step 4. Prepare for groundworks

  • NParks will inform you in advance of the date of ground works.
  • If the number of participating households is large, works will be scheduled in separate phases.
  • NParks will replace existing turf with good quality planting media.
  • Residents or representatives should be present to facilitate works.

Step 5. Plant your garden

  • Purchase plants, gardening materials and tools.
  • Start gardening immediately, to avoid hardening or erosion of soil.
Last updated on 23 June 2021

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