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CIB Ambassadors

An award that recognises the efforts of our volunteers, the CIB Ambassador Award serves to celebrate individuals who have significantly contributed through various means and channels to foster the love for gardening among Singaporeans.

CIB Ambassadors are volunteers with passion, who go above and beyond in spreading the gardening bug and helping others enjoy gardening. They contribute time, effort and/or resources regularly and actively engage with the community to facilitate the community's gardening-based initiatives.

For more information or enquiries on the CIB Ambassador Award, drop us an email at

Nominations for CIB Ambassador Awards

Nominate a volunteer whom you think has gone the extra mile to share their passion for gardening.

Download the CIB Ambassador Award nomination form and submit your nominations to by 30 June 2018.

Who can qualify as CIB Ambassador?

CIB Ambassador Award individual nominations are obtained from the existing pool of volunteers of Community In Bloom (CIB Friends) as well as from third party nominations.

What are the Judging Criteria?

Nominated individuals must have the qualities to have performed or possess the following:

  • Promote love for gardening
    • Organised initiatives that resulted in greater awareness towards the benefits of gardening
    • Engaged the public to spread gardening during road shows, exhibitions, community events, websites, blogs, etc.
  • Spread gardening knowledge to the community
    • Organised or facilitated gardening seminars, talks or sharing sessions
    • Provided gardening tips through articles in media, web-based gardening blogs or forums, opening-up community gardens for learning, etc.
    • Conducted or hosted learning visits to gardens, connected community gardening groups, etc.
  • Facilitate gardening-based community projects
    • Helped community groups in housing estates, schools and organisations to set up their gardening projects through providing guidance, resources, materials, etc.
  • Positive conduct
    • Conducted themselves in a manner that resulted in a sustained positive impact on gardening

Meet Your Friendly CIB Ambassadors

2017 CIB Ambassadors

Mdm Lyvenne Phoon

Lyvenne is the Garden Leader for Spectra Secondary School Community Garden. She has been involved in gardening for over 10 years and continues to be driven by her strong belief about the importance of educating the young.

Lyvenne spearheaded the Garden-based Service Learning (GBSL) Programme for all Secondary 1 students in her school. As a result of her efforts, all Secondary 1 students had the opportunity to participate in gardening programmes. To sustain the garden, Lyvenne has recruited more than 30 volunteers, including parents, nearby residents, teachers, students and farming enthusiasts. She is also always ready to provide horticulture advice to others who need help in their gardens.

Mr Kong Wah Beng

Wah Beng is a self-taught gardener who has been involved in gardening for over 6 years. He is the Garden Leader for Eng Kong-Cheng Soon Community Garden and is always looking for new opportunities to learn and improve his gardening knowledge. His skills include Air Layering, Grafting, DIY Fruit Fly trap making and Fruit Enzyme making.

Wah Beng participated in the Gardener’s Cup under the North West CDC and conducted workshops at other gardens to impart his knowledge on vermicomposting and kokedama.Hehas also shared his knowledge with teachers, polytechnic students and Teck Ghee Community gardeners, and regularly conducts talks and presentations during the monthly Gardeners’ Day Out event at HortPark. Wah Beng is ready to assist and would provide starter kits and worms to gardeners interested in starting their own vermicomposting.

Mdm Cheryl Wee Ngah Leng

Gardening since 2012, Cheryl is now an active community gardener at Princess Elizabeth Primary School. She is an engaging leader who regularly brings the community together to work on various projects in the garden such as painting the garden’s walls and revamping its frontage.

Cheryl is comfortable speaking publicly and has conducted outreach and sharing sessions at various schools and community gardens. She has also conducted sharing sessions on butterfly ecology and plants and their cultural significance, with students from neighbouring schools. Cheryl spearheaded the set-up of Ng Teng Fong and Farm Gaya Community Gardens with Yuhua and Jurong Central residents, and during her free time, she regularly shares information about flora and fauna with the gardening fraternity via social media platforms.


Mdm Josephyne Ho

Josephyne has over five years of gardening experience and is the Garden Leader in Etonhouse Preschool (Mountbatten) Community Garden. She actively advocates Green Education and nurtures her love for nature with a hands on approach, helping to personally guide the teachers in the centre.

Since 2011, Josephyne has been participating in Green Wave, Gardeners’ Day Out and Singapore Garden Festival. She led the set-up of butterfly gardens at two branches of Etonhouse, and organised multiple terrarium-making workshops for children and families using recycled bottles which helped nurture an interest in recycling among her pre-schoolers. Josephyne received the 2016 CIB Platinum Award for her contributions towards building the Etonhouse Pre-School (223 Mountbatten) Community Garden.

Mr Lee Wei Ming

As a Garden Leader, Wei Ming has been gardening at Yio Chu Kang Zone 1 Community Garden since 2014. Always ready to try out new ideas, he is willing to learn and adopt new gardening practices. He helped to set up Farm Gaya at Kim Tian West RC, as well as various gardens in swimming complexes such as Kallang Basin, Bishan, Toa Payoh, Geylang East and Ang Mo Kio.

Wei Ming is active on social media, using this platform to promote good gardening practices amongst his gardening network. He has also conducted gardening courses organised by AVA, and enjoys interacting with fellow gardeners to share ideas.

Mr Siva Rajoo

With over five years of experience, Rajoo now teaches and encourages others to take up gardening. He is the Garden Leader in Bedok Sunflower RC Community Garden where he readily shares his gardening knowledge with seniors and the young.

Rajoo regularly participates in other CIB gardening events such as Fengshan Topaz RC Farmer’s Market and Bedok Bungah Merah RC Green Day. He has also assisted in the rejuvenation of four community gardens in educational institutions: Star Learner Kindergarten, Bedok Green Primary School Student Care, Bedok Green Primary Gardening Club and Bedok View Secondary School. Rajoo enjoys growing grapes, roses and orchids in the community gardens.


2016 CIB Ambassadors

Mr Joel Lee Zheng En

Joel started gardening during his Pasir Ris Secondary School days in 2002 and continues to promote gardening at Kampung Senang Student Care Centre. He joined as a gardening volunteer at APSN in 2008 before joining the organisation in 2012. A dedicated and passionate gardener, Joel shares gardening knowledge readily and regularly holds gardening talks/workshops. He is a good leader and mentor for his clients at APSN, helping them gain employment in the landscape industry.

Joel reaches out to other nearby community gardens at Kembangan Chai Chee Community Hub by sharing soil and other gardening materials.He has conductedcworkshops on dish gardens for Regent Secondary School and made terrariums for the CIB show and tell during Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) 2016 and Gardeners’ Cup in 2014/16. So far, Joel has made over 350 terrariums for various events such as the official opening of APSN, SGF2016 World of Terrarium Tent and National Pushcart Challenge.

Mr Frankie Tan Teck Siong

Frankie is an active community gardener at Woodlands Zone 2 RC garden and has been gardening since 2011. He assists the Institute of Parks and Recreation Singapore as a Plant Advisor and assisted in setting up several community gardens. He is knowledgeable in growing vegetables, herbs, spices, medicinal plants and bonsai. Through hands-on sessions, he engages new gardeners and interest groups on gardening.

Frankie mentored students from Temasek and Nanyang Polytechnics in landscape design projects and shared good practices for planting and maintenance. He freely provides friends and associates with herbs for planting and willingly shares knowledge. Frankie also led overseas trips for NUSS members to visit organic farms to learn and understand new farming techniques.

Mdm Tan Siew Gek

Siew Gek is the garden leader of NTUC ULive Club and has been actively gardening since 2010. She uses social and interactive media to spur and encourage residents to replicate new gardening techniques such as flower towers. She also galvanised fellow members in the North East district to make over 200 pinwheels that were given out to visitors during the Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) 2016.

As one of the team leaders at the Gardeners’ Cup competition in SGF 2016, Siew Gek and her team members created the “Fairies Wheel Garden” and won both the “Best Eco-Friendly Garden” and the “Peoples’ Choice Award”. She also conducted several gardening workshops using recycled drinking bottles and Macrame hangers to hold air plants.

Mr Peter Sequeira

With over 20 years of gardening experience, Peter regularly conducts gardening workshops to share his knowledge with community gardeners. This encourages more people to pick up gardening as a hobby. Peter also readily provides advice and consultation on pest remedies and shares cuttings with residents and community gardeners.

He assisted to rejuvenate gardens outside his own neighbourhood, e.g Kampong Chai Chee and Bedok Sunflower RCs.He also actively engages PCF Preschools and senior citizens in the community to share with them the joy of gardening.

Mr Syaiful Hakim Bin Muslim

Syaiful has been gardening at ITE College East since 2012. As an educator at ITE College East, he is very knowledgeable in creating gardens and landscapes and encourages his students to be involved in nature way plantings. Syaiful led a team of ITE students to participate in SGF 2014 and 2016, and they won “Best Educational Garden” and Landscape Design Challenge in the Gardeners Cup.

Syaiful actively conducts terrarium workshops for college staff and students and organises guided tours of parks for students. He also actively shares horticulture/design knowledge on social media and with other organisations.

Mdm Lim Bee-Lee

Bee-Lee has been a Garden Leader of Jalan Senang NC community garden since 2012 and actively looks out for ways to improve the garden. She regularly brings the community together to work on various projects such as painting the garden walls and revamping the garden frontage. She also consistently upgrades herself by researching online and learning from other expert growers.

She helped to set up a new community garden at Minds Towner Gardens School in 2015 and brought in volunteers from AIG. She participated in SG50 Show Gardens@HortPark, SGF 2016 and leads gardeners to attend NParks’ Gardeners’ Day Out events. Bee-Lee also organised festive celebrations at the community garden and helped neighbours to start a roadside community garden by sharing horticulture knowledge, cuttings and plants.

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Last updated on 16 November 2018

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