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Community In Bloom (CIB) Awards

Presented at the Singapore Garden Festival, the biennial Community in Bloom (CIB) Awards recognise and reward gardening efforts of our local gardening groups.

The awards aim to motivate and encourage community gardeners to improve the standards of their gardens, and to continue to enjoy gardening as a fun and healthy activity. Through such efforts, the awards hope to promote a love for gardening to others in the community.

View the Results Dossier for the CIB Awards 2018.

Participating Categories

Outdoor community gardens in: 

  • Public Housing Estates
  • Private Housing Estates
  • Educational Institutions
  • Organisations

Participating community gardens must be registered under the CIB Programme and be from a Resident Committee/Neighbourhood Committee/Resident Association/School/Organisation.  


Excellence & People’s Choice Awards

  • Diamond Award
  • Best Community Garden Award
  • Best New Community Garden Award
  • Special Mention Awards (New)
    • Edible Garden
    • Community Outreach
    • Biodiversity & Environmental Friendliness
  • People’s Choice Award (New)


Achievement Bands

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Certification of Participation


Judging Criteria

Judging was carried out between late Feb to Apr 2018, based on the following criteria:

a) Garden Quality     

  • Garden Presentation – General appearance (aesthetic), landscaping creativity/ originality and practical use of garden layout
  • Plants and Hard Landscape Elements – Use of plants, suitable plant selection, health of plants, state of soil and use of suitable hard landscape elements (paving, trellises, sculptures, pots etc)
  • Maintenance – Quality of up-keep and environmental safety

b) Level of Community Involvement & Inclusiveness

  • Garden volunteer involvement in maintaining and managing the Community Garden
  • Activities and events (gatherings, celebrations, talks, training, learning, outings, etc) organised that are related to the gardening programme for Community Gardeners and for larger community and nearby residents
  • Partnerships with other communities, sharing of resources and strategies to foster community bonding and promote a love for gardening

c) Biodiversity & Environmental Friendliness Quality

  • Plant Variety ­– The number of different plants that increase biodiversity
  • Environmentally-friendly practices where possible to minimise the impact on the environment
  • Habitat Creation – Creating a suitable environment to attract local fauna

Please find the full judging criteria below:


Please email us at or contact your CIB Managers if you need further assistance. 


Past Awards 

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CIB Awards 2014

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Last updated on 11 September 2019

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