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Community in Bloom (CIB) Awards

The Community in Bloom (CIB) Awards recognise excellence in gardening efforts by community groups and aim to encourage community gardeners to improve the standards of their gardens while continuing to enjoy gardening as a fun and healthy activity.

Since 2020, the CIB Awards has been organised annually – CIB Awards (Housing Estates) for community gardens in public and private housing estates in even years (i.e. 2020, 2022), and CIB Awards (Educational Institutions and Organisations) for community gardens in schools and organisations in odd years (i.e. 2021, 2023) to accommodate increasing levels of community participation. This also ensures that due attention and recognition are accorded for each category. 


CIB Awards 2023 (Educational Institutions and Organisations)

Participating Categories

Outdoor community gardens in: 

·       Educational Institutions

·       Organisations

Entry to this competition is free but participating community gardens are to be registered under the CIB Programme and supported by their respective Educational Institutions and Organisations.


Registration Period

Open now till 11.59 pm, 14 Apr 2023.



How to Participate

Click here to register online. We highly encourage participants to read through the questionnaire first and prepare the required information before submitting the form.


Instructions (Photos submission)

  • Submission of a minimum of three photographs and a maximum of 10 photographs showcasing focal points and previous gardening activities (Jan 2021 to Dec 2022) in your CIB garden.
  • Each photograph entry must be submitted digitally in JPEG format and be no larger than 2 MB.
  • Instructions for CIB Awards 2023 (Educational Institutions & Organisations) - Photo Submission (click here)


Terms & Conditions (click here)


Virtual Briefing on CIB Awards 2023

Want clarifications on the registration process? Join our virtual session on either 23 Feb or 16 Mar 2023, 1.00 pm, where we will guide you through the registration process.


Sign up here if you are interested to attend.


Awards and Prizes

CIB Garden of the Year Award

$500 worth of garden nursery voucher

Top 50 CIB Garden

$300 worth of garden nursery voucher


Judging Criteria

The judging criteria for the CIB Awards 2023 (Educational Institutions and Organisations) comprise the following:

a)    Overall Garden Quality

The quality of the garden as a direct impact on how well it co-exists with its surroundings. A garden’s quality is measured by its aesthetic, good horticulture practices and standard of horticultural maintenance.

b)    Level of Community Involvement and Inclusiveness

The consistent involvement of participants is the foundation of a sustainable community garden. Building links and networks with the larger community encourages the sharing of resources and strategies to foster community bonding and promotes the love for gardening. 

c)    Biodiversity and Sustainability Efforts

Community gardens serve as engaging educational spaces with opportunities for a wide variety of audiences to learn about horticulture, sustainability, biodiversity and much more. 


Please email us at or contact your CIB Managers if you need further assistance. 


Past Awards 

View the Results Dossiers for past Awards below: 


Past Garden of the Year Awards Winners

CIB Awards 2022 (Housing Estates)

CIB Awards 2021 (Schools & Organisations)

CIB Awards 2020 (Housing Estates)

Last updated on 16 February 2023

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