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Growth Requirements

Water is crucial to potted plants, which are unable to flex their roots out in search of this essential life source. Your plant will not grow healthily if under- or over-watered.

Tips for watering: As a general rule, your plant should be watered when the top few centimetres of the soil are dry. Apply a healthy amount of water until it runs out of the drainage at the bottom of the pot. Plants under direct sunlight require more water than plants in shade.

Symptoms of under-watering: Your plant wilts and may turn weak and stunted. Its leaves turn yellow and it will be a target for pests and diseases due to its low resistance.

Symptoms of over-watering: Your over-watered plant shows similar symptoms to a plant that is under-watered. It wilts as its roots begin to rot in the waterlogged soil.


The amount of moisture in the air affects plant growth. Humidity and still air create conditions that promote fungal and bacterial infections in potted plants. Keep your plants in places with good air circulation as the air is fresh and not stagnant, and humidity is relatively low.

Last updated on 27 January 2015

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