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Gardening Etiquette

Gardening is exciting, as it is your own patch to nurture and connect with nature. Having a well-kept and maintained garden ensures that it is safe for everyone, be it at home, or in the community.

Read on to find out how you can maintain a safe and enjoyable garden for all!


Gardening Practices to Prevent Mosquito Breeding

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General Housekeeping Tips

  1. Check areas for stagnant water in the garden frequently
    Stagnant water may accumulate at various spots in the garden, such as pots, dishes, pails, drains and even in plants! Check areas in the garden that may collect stagnant water to prevent mosquito breeding

  2. Remove stagnant water in pot dishes and scrub the inner surfaces
    Remove stagnant water that accumulates in pots, dishes and containers regularly. Scrub the inner surfaces of these items to remove any mosquito eggs that may stick to them.

  3. Store items that collect water properly
    Keep unused pots, dishes, pails and containers in a dry, sheltered area to prevent water from accumulating in them.

  4. Loosen clayey soil to allow water seepage
    The surface of clayey soil can become dry and compacted over time, so water may collect on the surface. This is not good for plants because the water does not reach the roots, and it can also create conditions for mosquitoes to breed. Use a fork or trowel to loosen the soil regularly.

  5. Clear fallen leaves from the ground and drains
    Clear fallen leaves as they can collect water and clog up drains. You can break the fallen leaves into smaller pieces to use as mulch for plants or dispose of them in bags. Check and clear the drains regularly to prevent debris and water from accumulating


Maintaining a Mosquito-free Garden


Good Horticulture Practices

Upkeep Your Garden


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Last updated on 23 July 2020

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