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Gardening with Edibles Videos

Growing your own edible plants is both rewarding and delicious. Learn how to grow leafy and fruited vegetables from these videos, and enjoy the fruits of your labour!

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Mixing Soil for Growing Edibles: Part 1 (Soil Basics)

Here’s a 101 guide to mixing soil for growing edible plants! This video covers Part 1 on soil basics, where you will learn the differences between sandy, loamy and clayey soil.

Mixing Soil for Growing Edibles: Part 2 (Soil Amendments)

Learn how to improve the properties of soil to suit different growing environments for your edibles using soil amendments such as organic materials, grit and organic fertilisers. This video covers Part 2 of our guide to mixing soil for growing edible plants!

How to Start Seedlings in 6 Steps

Learn how to start your own seedlings in just six steps, with this video!

How to Grow Fruiting Vegetables in Pots

Learn tips on how to grow popular local fruiting vegetables such as lady’s-fingers, chillies and eggplants at home.

How to Grow Seeds in Hydroponics

Here’s how you can create your own hydroponic system to germinate seedlings at home using simple materials and tools that you can find around the house.

How to Grow Fruiting Climbers and Build a Simple Trellis

Learn how to grow fruiting climbers like tomatoes and lady’s-fingers with the help of simple trellises that you can put together in your own home. 

How to Grow Leafy Vegetables in Pots

Cut down on your trips to the supermarket by growing your own leafy greens like Xiao Bai Cai, Kangkong and Lettuce at home! Learn how in this video.

Garden to Kitchen: Recipes for Legumes

In just five to six simple steps, transform the winged beans and long beans from your home garden into yummy dishes for the family. Featured recipes: Stir-fried Winged Beans and Long Bean Salad. 

Garden to Kitchen: Recipes for Leafy Vegetables

Eat fresh, stay healthy! Here are two recipes for leafy vegetables that you can try with your homegrown edibles. Learn how to cook two favourite Singaporean dishes – Stir-fried Cai Xin and Kangkong Belacan – in this video.

Garden to Kitchen: Recipes for Fruiting Vegetables

Whip up some wholesome dishes with your homegrown fruiting vegetables in just five to six simple steps. Follow these recipes for Brinjal in Tempra Sauce and Tomato and Egg Salad!

DIY Fertiliser & Pesticide (Eco-Enzymes) in 10 Steps

Eco-enzymes are acetic acid or vinegar produced as a result of fermenting fresh fruit peels & vegetable waste. It can be used as a natural fertiliser and pesticide. It is also a non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning agent.


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Last updated on 18 June 2020

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