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What to Grow

Want to start a garden, but have no idea what to grow? Here are some plant lists to get you started! They are suitable to be planted in our local climate and will do well in the right conditions.


Growing Edible Plants

Guide Printable version
(A3 double-sided)
Know 10 Leafy Vegetables (PDF, 0.8MB) Download (PDF, 0.7MB)
Know 10 Fruiting Vegetables (PDF, 0.8MB) Download (PDF, 0.7MB)
Know 10 Culinary Herbs and Spices (PDF, 2.1MB)  Download (PDF, 1.0MB)
Know 10 Root Vegetables (PDF, 1.8MB) Download (PDF, 0.9MB)
Know 10 Companion Plants (PDF, 0.9MB) Download (PDF, 0.9MB)
Know 10 Shade-Tolerant Edibles (PDF, 0.7MB) Download (PDF, 0.7MB)
Edibles Informational Panels (PDF, 4MB)  

Attracting Biodiversity Plants

 Guide Printable version
(A3 double-sided)
Know 10 Native Plants (PDF, 0.7MB)  Download (PDF, 0.7MB)
10 Pollinator-Attracting Plants (PDF, 2.3MB)  Download (PDF, 2.3MB)
Garden Bees of Singapore (PDF, 0.6MB) Download (PDF, 2.7MB)
Bird-Attracting Plant list (PDF, 140KB)  
Butterfly-Attracting Plant list (PDF, 170KB)  



Last updated on 09 March 2022

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