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Indoor Plants

  The New Indoor Plant Book
John Evans
London: Kyle Cathie Limited, 1993
Call No.: 635.965 EVA [HOM]

The New Indoor Plant Book is specially written for plant lovers who wish to grow plants indoors. The book is divided into four sections – ‘Indoor Plants’, ‘Foliage Plants’, ‘Flowering Plants’ and ‘How to Take Care of the Plants’. Tips are given on the plants that suit you based on the time you can spend to nurture the plants. Each plant discussed in this book comes with explanations on care, problems and conditions in which they thrive.

The plant care section includes information on light, temperature, water and feeding, propagation and repotting. The writer has also categorized the plants by different levels of care; from easy to quite easy or from difficult to quite difficult. You will realize that gardening is engaging and enjoyable when you select the right plants.

There are also plenty of photographs that will inspire you to decorate your own rooms with suitable plants.
  Gardening in Your Apartment: Creating an Interior Oasis
Gilly Love
London: Lorenz Books, 1996
Call No.: 635.965 LOV [HOM]

Gardening in Your Apartment is a practical guide on the selection, display and basic care of plants. Plants add colour and style to the interiors of homes. Creating beautiful displays of plants in every room can be a breeze if you know the selection of plants best suited for the environment. Gilly Love shows you how to add focal point to a room with a display or using plants as alternatives to curtains or blinds. You can enjoy being close to nature in the comfort of your apartment.
  Indoor Plants: What to Grow, How to Grow it
Lia Leendertz
London: Harper Collins, 2004
Call No.: 635.965 LEE [HOM]

This wonderfully illustrated book is divided into three sections:
  • Part One deals with the selection, care and maintenance of your indoor plants.
  • Part Two provides descriptions of up to 130 varieties of indoor plants arranged in alphabetical order from A (Acalypha) to Y (Yucca).
  • Part Three deals with common problems faced by indoor plants and how to get rid of these problems (it offers a beautifully sketched workflow diagram that guides you with a step-by-step process).

This gardening book is very attractive as it is beautifully illustrated with many pictures of indoor plants and gives a quick and easy-to-read summary on the plants by providing the following information:
  • Suitable site to position the plant
  • Ideal temperature
  • Water and humidity
  • Food and fertilizer
  • General care
  • Common pests and diseases

Though written in mind for residents of temperate countries, people living in the tropics can still refer to it especially the ‘summer’ plants that are ideal for the tropical climate of Singapore (eg Hibiscus).

A final useful feature is the estimated plant height (in centimetres), plant spread and the flower colour so that you can estimate the space needed for your plant.
  Reader's Digest Book of Houseplants: Year-round Indoor Gardening
Reader's Digest
London: Reader's Digest Association Ltd., 2005
Call No.: q635.965 REA [HOM]

If you are looking for a comprehensive book on indoor plants, Reader's Digest Book of Houseplants: Year-round Indoor Gardening is the book for you. You can easily identify many familiar indoor plants available in Singapore by simply flipping through a few pages of this glossy and vibrantly illustrated book. It offers practical advice on plant selection, pot selection and basic plant caring techniques. Also included is a comprehensive plant selector guide, which outlines the characteristics and caring tips of 100 common houseplants. This book concludes with more inspiring and creative ideas of how plants could be displayed: through colour pots, multi-planted pots or indoor water gardens.
  Glorious Indoor Gardens
Michele Driscoll Alioto
New York: Stewart, Tabori and Chang, 2002
Call No.: 635.965 ALI [HOM]

“A room with plants and flowers has the power to convert a house into a sanctuary.” The book jacket proclaims – and you will find that the statement is very true after finishing this book. In Glorious Indoor Gardens, we are brought into the homes of people who have painstaking transformed their dwelling places into beautiful gardens with a strong sense of personal style. The writer discusses a wide variety of planting possibilities and garden styles and highlights the design and use of each site that will definitely inspire wannabe gardeners. The book ends with an appendix that has detailed information on the care of indoor plants as well as lists of plants best suited to a variety of situations and their specific requirements.

Bi-monthly newsletter from NUS Office of Estate and Development

This is a bi-monthly e-newsletter from the OED (Office of Estate Development) from the National University of Singapore (NUS). It offers handy tips like ‘Tips for Watering Soil Based Indoor Plants’ to prolong the life of your indoor plant. An easy and informative read.

Houseplants: Gardening Indoors

A comprehensive website that provides links and resources to other articles such as determining lighting for houseplants to how to keep indoor plant pests in check. Definitely a website that you need to check back often. 

Last updated on 27 January 2015

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