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Recreational Connectivity

Explore nature throughout Singapore – walk or cycle on enhanced routes. 


Routes and Trails 

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Park Connector Network

The Park Connector Network (PCN) of Singapore is an island-wide network of linear green corridors linking major parks and nature areas across Singapore. With more than 300km of trails, the PCN presents a diverse palette of recreational green opportunities, provides avid outdoor enthusiasts with enhanced accessibility to nature spaces across the island, and serve to enhance ecological connectivity between our natural habitats.


pcn bridge

With a large interlinking network of park connectors, you can easily park hop while indulging in various fun and recreational activities.

Feel the cool breeze as you navigate your way along the roads, picturesque rivers and canals that link you to the major parks in Singapore. Hop on a bicycle, put on a pair of rollerblades or simply jog along the park connectors and appreciate the myriad of sensory delights and adventures on offer.


pcn overall map
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Island-wide Routes

We have curated several island-wide routes across Singapore comprising multiple park connectors, trails and footpaths, which provide opportunities for you to explore outdoor spaces and walk or cycle in natural spaces for longer distances. These routes complement the Park Connector Network (PCN). 

Map of Recreational Connectivity



Coast-to-Coast Trail


The 36 km C2C Trail (Central) stretches from Jurong Lake Gardens in the west, to Lornie Nature Corridor near the centre, to Coney Island Park in the northeast. It takes visitors through a variety of parks, nature areas and places of interest. The Trail is complemented by the C2C mobile application, which makes use of interactive augmented reality (AR) elements to provide users with a curated walking experience, as well as a DIY trail guide.  

More on the Coast-to-Coast Trail here.



Round Island Route


The Round Island Route (RIR) is a continuous 150 km park connector that goes around Singapore. It will complement the existing Park Connector Network, connecting existing natural, cultural, historical and recreational sites and linking communities together. It will provide opportunities for recreational activities such as cycling, skating, jogging and hiking. These connections and activities will enhance our ‘City in Nature’ experience for all residents.

The first phase of the Round Island Route was launched on 22 January 2022. Stretching across 75km, it covers the eastern half of Singapore, from Rower’s Bay Park in the north-east, past the Singapore River to Berlayer Creek in the south. It also makes for the island’s longest recreational connection that encircles Singapore in the east.

rir ancillary map cropped
RIR overview with park connectors and nodes.

More on the Round Island Route here.



Rail Corridor


The Rail Corridor was formerly a railway line that was used for commuting and transporting goods between Singapore and the rest of Malay Peninsula at the beginning of the 20th century. With the return of railway land to Singapore in 2011, the Rail Corridor presented an opportunity as a continuous open space through the heart of Singapore where communities can forge new memories together.

More on the Rail Corridor here.



Using Our Routes and Trails Safely


A pleasant experience in our parks and Park Connector Network (PCN) requires all of us to be considerate towards one another.

The Government has implemented the Active Mobility Act (AMA), which puts in effect recommendations by the Active Mobility Advisory Panel on cycling and the use of Personal Mobility Devices (PMD) and Power-Assisted Bicycles (PABs).

To ensure our parks and park connectors provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, please note the types of devices permitted on various paths, and to abide by the safety guidelines and onsite signage.

More on using Parks and Park Connectors Safely here.




Find out more about park connectors that are temporarily closed for upgrading works.

As you ride or jog along our park connectors, please remember to be considerate to other park connector users.



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Last updated on 27 July 2022

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