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West Coast PC

Point of Interest

  • West Coast Park

    West Coast Park

    With the theme "Play Centre in the West", the western portion of West Coast Park is a haven for park visitors who enjoy challenging and adventurous activities. Standing at the centre core of area 3 is the Adventure Play Area that caters to people of different age groups, from toddlers to young adults. This is the heart and most active zone of West Coast Park. If you like a quiet and peaceful environment, the eastern portion at area 1 would be a good choice for park users to rest and relax.

  • Clementi Woods Park

    Clementi Woods Park

    The wooded ambience of the park, with its tall mature trees and natural vegetation, is a welcoming retreat for those looking for a quiet cool stroll in the morning or evening. In partnership with Ngee Ann Polytechnic since 2007, Clementi Woods Park is also themed as a 'Learning Park', where it will serve as an outdoor classroom/laboratory for Ngee Ann students to engage in experiential learning through implementation of ideas and projects in a real park setting.

Last updated on 31 January 2023

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