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Admiralty Park


1, There are slides for children of all ages as well as adults. Please follow the onsite signage on using the equipment correctly and adhere to the recommended age group. 

2. The car park at Admiralty Park North Entrance is closed permanently from 1 August 2023. Please use the nearby car parks at Woodlands Waterfront Park or Admiralty Park West Entrance as per map.

Things To Do

  • Nature Playgarden at Admiralty Park

    Nature Playgarden

    Built to capitalise on the existing hilly terrain of Admiralty Park, the playground here features an exciting range of 26 slides and a diverse array of other play equipment across the Junior Play, Adventure Play and Family Play zones. The playground also has a unique mangrove theme, inspired by the mangrove habitat found at the nature area of Admiralty Park. Play elements take reference from special features found in mangroves, such as by mimicking the shape of prop roots and pencil roots commonly found on mangrove trees.

  • Jogging at Admiralty Park

    Walking & Jogging

    Take a stroll or jog and enjoy the wide range of biodiversity that the park has to offer.

  • Admiralty Park Pond


    Shutterbugs would delight in the many photo opportunities abound at Admiralty Park, from flora and fauna, to people shots with nature as the backdrop.

  • Baya Weaver Nest

    Bird Watching

    Bird watchers will have chance to encounter over 40 different bird species in Admiralty Park.

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Last updated on 12 October 2023

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