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Venues at Admiralty Park

  • Activity Plaza

    Activity Plaza

    Located at the urban area of the park, the Activity Plaza is often used for teambuilding activities.

    Size: 3000sqm
    Capacity: 1000pax

    Booking Fee: Free
  • Amphitheatre


    An outdoor stage with viewing gallery, the open air Amphitheatre is ideal for a wide range of events from performances to community gathering.

    Size: 200sqm
    Seating capacity: 250 pax

    Booking Fee: Free
  • Venue Event Lawn

    Event Lawn

    Take in the fresh air and rustic atmosphere at the Event Lawn. It is suitable for holding team building activities and cross-country events.

    Size: 1500 sqm
    Seating capacity: 500 pax

    Booking Fee: Free