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Interesting Sights at Admiralty Park

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  • Admiralty Park Bird


    There are a variety of birds to be seen at Admiralty Park. Spot them as you stroll along the park.
  • Dragonfly

    Dragonflies and damselfies

    Dragonflies and damselflies can be spotted flitting above the stream and at the bio-retention pond area. There are several dragonfly species you can find here are the Common Parasol (Neurothemis fluctuans), Blue Dasher (Brachydiplax chalybea) and Yellow-barred Flutter (Rhyothemis phyllis).

  • Nypah Palm Fruit


    Stroll through the Park and you will come across 

    interesting flora like the Putat Kampung Tree, Nipah Palm (Nypah fruticans), Ipil-ipil (Intsia bijuga), and climbers like Hedgehog Rattan (an increasingly rare plant in Singapore).
  • Long-tailed Macaque

    Long tailed Macaques

    Watch Long-tailed Macaques swim and dive for crabs in the mangrove. These Long-tailed Macaques at Admiralty Park are possibly the only ones left in Singapore that live along a riverine environment that ends in a mangrove.
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Last updated on 14 November 2014

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