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Interesting Sights at Bukit Batok Nature Park

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    Bird Watching

    This miniature nature haven would delight birdwatchers. For the past 10 years, many birds that were not seen or recorded before have "appeared" in this park, which is now their home. Some have been released or have escaped while others might have flown in from other parts of Singapore.

    See if you can spot the rare Grey-headed Fish-eagle that has been sighted at the park!

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    Orchids at Bukit Batok Nature Park

    Some native orchid species can be spotted on the Petai trees at the pond plaza. They are part of Nparks’ orchid conservation programme to preserve native orchids germplasm or genetic material and increase their numbers. Bukit Batok Nature Park is one of the parks involved in this programme.

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    Quarry Pool

    The Quarry Pool at Bukit Batok Nature Park is a scenic spot that people have found respite in. An image of tranquillity will come to mind immediately when you are there.

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    World War II Memorial Site

    Within Bukit Batok Nature Park is a World War II memorial site. During World War II, the Japanese selected the Lorong Sesuai site as a memorial for the soldiers who died. All that remains are two pillars and 120 concrete steps leading up to a transmission tower. A memorial plaque lies at the foot of the stairs to inform visitors of the significance and meaning of the location.

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Last updated on 17 November 2014

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