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Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Dos and Don'ts

For Park Visitors

1) Please do not enter the nature reserve and forested areas during stormy weather as such inclement weather may cause trees and branches to fall. Do note that when planning to go outdoors, dial-a-weather at 65427788 for a weather forecast.


2) What should you do when approached by monkeys?

When approached by the monkeys, you should look down and walk at least 1.5 metres away from them. Do not look into their eyes or bare your teeth as these are signs of aggression and challenge.

Keep food and snacks in haversacks and not in plastic bags. Do not eat in the presence of monkeys.


3) Keep our nature reserves a safe haven for our native biodiversity.

Dogs are known to scent mark places they visit thus affecting the movement of native animals and they may also bark at or otherwise harass native animals found within the reserves.

Do not bring dogs or other pets to these nature reserves and parks.


For Residents who live near forested areas

  • Dispose all household refuse in bins which can be tightly sealed (especially bins with sliding interlocking seals). For bins outside the house or in the open, a simple modification to the bin cover to include a key/number lock will prevent the monkeys from gaining access. You can also consider using an elastic strap to secure the lids to monkey-proof the bins.
  • Keep all windows (including bathroom windows) and doors shut when there is no one at home or when you spot monkeys in the vicinity. Monkeys tend to stay in an area for only a short period of time (15 mins to 30 mins) if there is no available food before moving away.
  • Keep all food, including prayer offerings, in the house.

  • Avoid growing fruit trees, vegetables or spices in your garden.
  • Do not feed the monkeys and advise those whom you see feeding not to do
  • Do not disturb or threaten monkeys. Do not stare the monkeys in the eye, show your teeth or lunge/move forward as these are signs of aggression to monkeys. If threatened, monkeys will become aggressive.
  • Do not eat or drink outdoors, especially when there are monkeys present. Food will attract the monkeys to the area.

Last updated on 06 July 2022

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