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Changi Beach Park


  1. An intertidal area is a fragile habitat. Find out more about our intertidal area, and what to do when you explore such areas.
  2. Camping (including the use of tents) is not allowed in Changi Beach Park.

Things To Do

  • BBQ


    Fancy cooking your own food and eating in the great outdoors? You can hold a barbecue at Changi Beach Park. There are 20 BBQ pits located across the entire park. Click here to book a barbecue pit.

  • Cycling & Inline Skating

    Cycling is an activity that many visitors to Changi Beach Park enjoy. Come with your own bicycle or you can rent one from the bicycle kiosks found within the park.

  • Dining

    Changi Beach Park offers a bistro for park users to dine at.

  • Fishing


    An activity that park visitors enjoy is fishing. Come with your own rods and remember to practise good fishing etiquette.

  • Photography


    Whether you enjoy photographing fauna or scenic landscapes, there is always something at Changi Beach Park for shutterbugs.

  • Volunteer

    Changi Beach Park currently does not have any volunteering opportunities. Do visit our Volunteer page to find out more about the volunteer opportunities at some of the other parks.

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Last updated on 14 March 2023

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