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KPMG Wellness Garden

The KPMG Wellness Garden at Area D of East Coast Park encompasses a therapeutic garden, nature playgarden, nature fitness area, and a pond trail, adopting a coastal theme across its four zones. Each zone within the garden has been planned to cater to different user groups, ensuring inclusiveness and accessibility for all.

Environmental sustainability is a key component of the design of the Wellness Garden. The re-use of existing materials such as rocks and upcycled logs from East Coast Park can be spotted throughout the garden. The rocks have been incorporated into the mounds in the Wellness Garden or re-purposed as stepping-stones. 

Native plant species, including the Sea Lettuce (Scaevola taccada) and Silver Bush (Sophora tomentosa), were also planted to support restoration of the coastal habitat at the site.


Therapeutic garden

The first in East Coast Park, this 1,600 sqm therapeutic garden features a rustic coastal theme that provides contemplative landscapes which park users can immerse in. These landscapes include physical attributes that help positively influence one’s mental state, such as undulating landforms, high biodiversity, use of natural or warm colours and shade.


A 360-degree elevated deck provides a panoramic vantage point that overlooks three key views: the pond, the sea, and the therapeutic garden, and is accessible by a barrier-free accessible ramp.



Nature Playgarden

The 1,300 sqm nature playgarden comprises curated play spaces with some inclusive elements for children to engage in self-directed spontaneous play. Utilising natural materials, it allows children of various ages and abilities to explore a naturalistic coastal environment where they can connect to, observe, and appreciate elements of nature.


The design incorporates a coastal beach discovery theme with features such as balancing logs, mini nature trails and lookout decks. Some of the play features also cater to children of all abilities, including a raised sand play table, lookout platforms accessible by ramps, a wheelchair-accessible trampoline, and a musical play station.



Nature Fitness Area

Suitable for young adults and seniors, this 900 sqm nature fitness area features fitness equipment and elements that are integrated into the naturalistic environment.


The Cardio Hill is designed to mimic a set of stairs up and down a hill, providing opportunities for a cardiovascular workout. Timber logs are also available as stepping stones and balancing beams, enabling an agility challenge for users.



Pond Trail

The pond trail, which completes the loop together with the paths running through the therapeutic garden, nature fitness area and nature playgarden, brings visitors on a scenic stroll around the pond within KPMG Wellness Garden. Ornamental plants such as the Indian Shot and Common Cattail have been added to soften the pond edge and attract biodiversity such as dragonflies.


Last updated on 15 September 2023

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