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Venues at Fort Canning Park

  • Flagstaff lawn

    Flagstaff Lawn

    Two lawn areas are situated at the foot of Raffles House where Sir Stamford Raffles built his private residence. There, you will find one of Singapore’s historical icons, the flagstaff, which was used as an important territorial marker for the Japanese and British Troops. It had a 24.3m tall lighthouse that was a beacon to ships docking at the ports until December 1958. Flagstaff Lawn has a beautiful backdrop suitable for picnics, family or corporate events.
  • Fort Canning Green

    Fort Canning Green

    “The hills are alive with the sound of music” is very apt to describe Fort Canning Green. Well-known for hosting concerts by some of the world’s biggest acts in the entertainment industry, Fort Canning Green is also popular for outdoor movie screening and carnivals. Recommended for: concerts, carnivals, movie screening.
  • Fort Gate

    Fort Gate

    Named after the remnant of 19th century Fort Gate that sits next to this lawn, this space has been an increasingly popular venue for carnivals, concerts and weddings. For wider space, it can be booked together with the Old Married Soldier’s Quarters that is located next to it. Recommended for: concerts, carnivals, movie screening, teambuilding activities.
  • Old Married Soldiers' Quarters

    Old Married Soldier's Quarters

    This restored structure used to house married British soldiers and their family. Now it is part of an outdoor setting that provides a quaint backdrop for small garden functions. It can be booked with the adjacent Fort Gate for a wider space. Recommended for: wedding, carnivals, teambuilding activities.
  • Raffles House

    Raffles House & Lawn

    This venue is set at the top of the hill with an exclusive view of the city skyline. The venue comes with an air-conditioned indoor facility with an outdoor lawn area
  • Lawn @ The Foothills

    Lawn@The Foothills

    A large open space at The Foothill Fort Canning Park is the perfect location for carnivals and family days. Lawn@The Foothills is able to accomodate up to 1000 people at a time. With this beautiful and convenienct location for your event, guests will be able to enjoy themselves amidst the lush greenery.