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Kranji Reservoir Park

Things To Do

  • tips

    Tips for visiting Kranji Reservoir Park

    Before you begin your journey of discovery, here are some simple tips to help make visits to the park enjoyable for everyone:

    Enjoy the flora and fauna in this nature area. Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs.

    Fishing is only allowed at designated fishing areas – Fishing ground A, Fishing ground B

    Stay on designated trails.

    Keep noise levels low so that the peaceful silence of nature can be fully enjoyed and appreciated by everyone.

    Appreciate our wildlife from afar and maintain a safe distance from them.

    Please refrain from feeding or releasing animals into our parks or nature reserves. Doing so may upset our fragile eco-system and cause more harm than good.

    It is our responsibility to conserve the living things in our nature area, both for our enjoyment and that of our future generations.

  • photography


    Shutterbugs will enjoy photographing a wide variety of flora and fauna at Kranji Reservoir Park. Photographers are encouraged to submit photos to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve at and hastag #nparksbuzz when you share your photos. From time to time, selected photos will be used for our publications.

Last updated on 14 July 2022

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