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Interesting Sights at Pasir Ris Park

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    Flora and Fauna

    Do not miss the botanical display of edible plants at Kitchen Garden. There, you can view, smell and touch a wide array of vegetable plants, culinary herbs and spices commonly used in local cuisines.

    At the Butterfly Garden, photographers can capture an array of butterflies feasting on nectar plants. Look out for the Plain Tiger butterfly (Acerbas chrysippus chrysippus), a common species that is easy to spot with its beautiful orange forewings. If you keep your eyes peeled, you may also catch a glimpse of the lovely Blue Glassy Tiger butterfly (Ideopsis vulgaris macrina), a native species with bluish-grey wings.

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    Mangrove Board Walk

    Did you know that Pasir Ris Park is home to a mangrove? Boardwalks have been built in this mangrove forest bring visitors closer to the inhabitants of the mangrove community. Bird enthusiasts can also observe birds from the 3-storey high Bird Watching Tower located within the mangrove forest.
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Last updated on 23 November 2014

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