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Punggol Park

Things To Do

  • Allotment Gardens at Punggol Park

    Allotment Garden

    Looking for a space to nurture your green fingers? NParks provides allotment gardening plots for anyone who wishes to have their own space to garden. Each allotment plot consists of a 2.5 m x 1 m raised planter bed, and can be leased for three years at a charge.

    All allotment gardening plots in Punggol Park have been fully subscribed.

  • Cycling


    Take a leisurely cycle within Punggol Park, or venture beyond the park and explore the scenic North Eastern Riverine Loop in our Park Connector Network.

  • Exercise & Workout

    Punggol Park is usually abuzz with park goers engaging in their respective activities. You can join in for qigong or tai ji sessions in the morning. Or if you prefer to work out on your own, take a jog or brisk walk around the 5 hectare pond in the park. In the park is also low impact 3-Generational fitness equipment suitable for users of all ages.

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Last updated on 17 June 2021

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