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Bendera Bay at St John’s Island – A showcase of community stewardship in conservation

The 3.9-hectare Bendera Bay is nestled within St John’s Island, and comprises a lagoon with a variety of mangrove, coral, seagrass, sandy shore and rocky shore habitats. This variety of habitats thus provides unique opportunities for outreach and research. “Bendera Bay” was named as such by the Friends of the Marine Park (FMP), as the indigenous Malay name for St John’s Island is Pulau Sekijang Bendera


Since securing Bendera Bay for outreach and education activities in late 2019, the Friends of the Marine Park (FMP) community, which includes kayakers, anglers, divers, boaters, and researchers, has been discussing ways to activate the area through education, outreach and research activities. 


With the support of NParks, the FMP community will spearhead efforts to balance the different uses of the area, and scheduling the programmes that will take place there, to be planned around four domains – Research, Recreation, Heritage, and Education.


Currently, the area is not open for public access as it is closed for conservation and research. The FMP aims to carry out activities for the public from early 2022, subject to COVID-19 restrictions. More details about these activities will be shared when ready. Do check back this page for further updates.

Last updated on 23 March 2022

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