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Big Sister's Island

Scheduled for completion by 2020, the enhanced Big Sister’s Island will serve the Marine Park’s objectives of conservation, outreach and education. Members of the public can look forward to a boardwalk, intertidal pools and a floating pontoon which will be sensitively established. Further inland, there will be forest trails for the public to explore.



Members of the public can get a closer look at the coastal flora and fauna as they explore the boardwalk along the lagoon.

Set against the backdrop of the sea, the boardwalk provides opportunities for visitors to take in scenic views of the coastline and spot biodiversity.



Artist impression of boardwalk at high tide 

Intertidal pools

Intertidal pools located along the inner sea walls create an environment similar to natural rock pools, providing additional hiding places for marine organisms, allowing visitors to view them up close during low tides.

intertidal pool

Artist impression of intertidal pool

Floating pontoon

A floating pontoon will be sensitively installed at Big Sister’s Island, adjacent to the jetty and looping back to the shore.

The pontoon will be specially designed to enhance biodiversity and provide opportunities for visitors to view marine life such as sea fans, sponges, sea anemones as well as hard and soft corals up close.

Visitors will also get to observe other mobile marine life through viewing panels on the base of the pontoons.

floating pontoon

Artist impression of floating pontoon


Sea fans which can be spotted at the
floating pontoon


hard coral

Observe hard corals at the floating pontoon

Forest trails

Members of the public can experience nature and greenery as they trek the forest trails at Big Sister’s Island.

The forest trails will provide opportunities for visitors to spot coastal forest plants and go bird-watching.


forest trail

Artist impression of forest trails

Visitors pavilion

A visitors’ pavilion, equipped with information on Sisters’ Islands Marine Park and the biodiversity within, will be built adjacent to the jetty.


Last updated on 03 October 2018

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