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Public Gallery at the Marine Park Outreach and Education Centre

The Sisters’ Islands Marine Park Public Gallery at the Marine Park Outreach and Education Centre on St John's Island is open on 1 July 2020. The maximum number of visitors in the Public Gallery is capped at 10 pax. This is to allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy the displays whilst maintaining a comfortable social distance easily. When there is a crowd to enter the Public Gallery, visits will be limited to 15 minutes, to allow everyone a chance to visit.

Opened in July 2015, the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park Public Gallery on St John’s Island complements the outreach programmes at the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park. The Public Gallery features the rich marine biodiversity in Singapore's waters and provides an overview of the Sisters' Islands Marine Park, including a 3D diorama of its dive trails. A seminar room and teaching lab for school and community groups are also provided as extensions to the Public Gallery.

New exhibits have been added to the bigger and enhanced Sisters’ Islands Marine Park Public Gallery. Visitors can explore an immersive 3D dive experience, a mangrove mesocosm, a viewing pool, aquariums and other new displays.

Opening Hours

10AM - 4PM 


Public Gallery 3
Directions to the Public Gallery from St. John's Island Jetty

Last updated on 01 July 2020

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