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The Marine Park's multiple roles and functions

Roles Key points
  • The public can also sign up as volunteers to assist in marine biodiversity programmes such as:
    • International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS) – gathers data on marine debris found on our beaches and mangrove areas
    • Citizen science programmes that will be rolled out as part of the Marine Park’s activities
  • Educational programmes will be available for interested participants to learn about marine biodiversity
  • These programmes include:
    • Remote monitoring programmes for schools
    • Workshops, talks and seminars
  • Enhancement activities will be carried out to improve existing marine habitats and enhance biodiversity
  • Examples include nurseries for corals, giant clams, Neptune’s Cup sponge and other iconic marine organisms
  • Monitoring works conducted regularly
  • Marine research will be centred around the Marine Park, focusing on various aspects of marine biology, ecology and restoration
Last updated on 18 May 2016

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